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Zheng He and The Treasure Fleet

Zheng He and The Treasure Fleet

Zheng He and The Treasure Fleet


Seven grand armadas. Thousands of ships. Legions of men. Exotic cornucopia. Historical, religious and cultural relics. Beauties of China and concubines for foreign potentates.

This was scale and magnitude of Ming dynasty Admiral Zheng He's Treasure Fleet's expeditions from the Middle Kingdom to the Arab, Occidental and Oriental worlds of antiquity.

This truly Renaissance explorer championed new cartography, new shipbuilding technology; founded colonies and outposts; left flora, fauna, religious, historical and cultural artifacts; and transformed the face of Asia and the world.

From China to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania, the Treasure Fleet explored and documented an ancient world. Their exploits are only recently being discovered and researched by present-day historians, the generating worldwide interest and controversy.

Retrace the admiral's voyages and revisit his ports of call. Experience their moments of history and culture, and discover their present-day legacy.

  • Full colour illustrations
  • Old maps, old prints
  • Archival and contemporary pictures documenting the then and now.
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Author Paul Rozario
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Extent 160pp
Hardcover / Softcover Softcover
Illustrated or Black & White Full Colour with illustrations
Language English
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