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When the Party Ends - China's leaps and stumbles after the Beijing Olympics

When the Party Ends - China's leaps and stumbles after the Beijing Olympics

When the Party Ends - China's leaps and stumbles after the Beijing Olympics
Peh Shing Huei’s provocative book captures his harrowing, humbling and sometimes hilarious experiences in China when he was China bureau chief from The Straits Times. As he documents the rise of China, he also uncovers the problems beneath its sinews. Peh visits the bustling factories of Guangdong wrestling labour woes; strays into the line of fire during the bloody ethnic riots in Urumqi; journeys to the forgotten museum of the Cultural Revolution on a remote mountain top. When the Party Ends chronicles vivid accounts of questionable processes against the voiceless and the powerless. Peh gives voice to their battles with the Chinese Communist Party and errant companies over rights and resources. He shakes off officials so as to meet an environmentalist who was tortured for wanting to save a river from pollution. He speaks to a man who was jailed simply for posting an intemperate tweet. He interviews an ageing former Red Guard undertaker who still cries when he recalls the atrocities of the Cultural Revolution.

These and other vignettes are counterposed against Peh’s riveting narrative of the“palace intrigues” of the powerful communist leaders in the lead-up to the epochal leadership change in late 2012. It culminates in the dramatic downfall of princeling Bo Xilai – the latest in China’s complex political machinations. When the Party Ends is an absorbing and remarkable work of journalism, offering a fascinating insight into a changing China, one where the status quo is being reinvented with each passing day.

When the Party Ends is a colorful and insightful look at a key pivot in Chinese history: the end of the 35-year boom period that began in the late 1970s, and the start of a new, trickier phase in China’s evolution. A veteran correspondent with anaffinity for both elite and street-level politics, Peh is a sure-footed guide through this more complicated period, weaving on-the-ground color with shrewd analysis. —Ian Johnson, Pulitzer-prize winning correspondent for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times

A lucid analysis. This volume is not only insightful but genuinely interesting to read. —June Teufel Dreyer, Professor, Political Science,University of Miami and author of China’s Political System

When the Party Ends brilliantly encapsulates the momentous year that marked China’s arrival on the world stage and contextualises the future challenges and threats facing the world’s second-biggest economy. It is a must-read to understand where China came from, where it is today and where it will head to. —Benjamin Kang Lim, former Reuters Beijing and Taipei bureau chief

Countless books have been written on China’s rise, yet this one by Peh Shing Huei captures precisely the incongruity so commonly observed in China. His use of the term “steroid superpower” aptly explains why the country still has a long way to go before reaching genuine greatness. —Ching Cheong, senior writer for The Straits Times and author of My 1000 Days Ordeal: A Patriot’s Torture

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