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UNQUIET KINGDOM - Thailand in Transition

UNQUIET KINGDOM - Thailand in Transition

UNQUIET KINGDOM - Thailand in Transition
From exuberant rallies on Bangkok’s shopping streets to tear-gasfilled alleyways echoing with gunshots, from democracy-debating farmers to kitten-fostering Buddhist nuns, UNQUIET KINGDOM is a
gripping portrait of Thailand’s many faces, revealing the complexities of a country that is far more than its tranquil tourist-brochure stereotype.

When the beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej died in October 2016, a nation united in mourning. Yet the decade or so before had been one of prolonged turmoil, with red-hot clashes at the gates of government
and bloody encounters in the jungles of the south.

Coinciding with a dramatic rise in online activism and social media use, the tumult spurred a new political awareness that cast a light on the country’s internal contradictions, exposing the fault lines of
an essentially feudal nation in extended and halting transition to egalitarian democracy.

The period saw the army return to power with two coups d’état. It saw five elections – two failed and three successful – and seven prime ministers. It saw street battles in Bangkok; a still ongoing armed
insurgency in the deep south; and the great flood of 2011.

Veteran journalist Nirmal Ghosh takes readers past the serene facade of Thailand’s steadily-cruising economy and undaunted tourism industry. He exposes the uncertainty of a country in the throes of
transition, a deeply-divided land that has just lost a father. The military seems resolved to clamp the lid on a restless country – but how long it can do this remains an open question.

As Thailand Correspondent for The Straits Times since 2003, Nirmal witnessed at close range the high-stakes power games that at times threatened to tear the country apart. He dodged bullets on Bangkok’s
streets, spoke to generals by barricades, and sat down with fishermen, farmers and prime ministers alike. UNQUIET KINGDOM is an account of what he experienced from that ringside seat.

Nirmal Ghosh, a Foreign Correspondent for The Straits Times since 1994, has lived in Singapore, Manila, New Delhi, and Bangkok where he spent 13 years, first as Thailand Correspondent and then as Indochina Bureau Chief covering the region. He is currently United States Bureau Chief, based in Washington, DC. This is his fourth book.
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