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Two Plays By Kuo Pao Kun

Two Plays By Kuo Pao Kun

Two Plays By Kuo Pao Kun


Descendants of Eunuch Admiral draws explicit parallels between Zheng He and contemporary man in the cost to be paid for service to the state. Descendants seems to say that cultural identity and history are hard to protect from the politico-economic realm. One who serves the state must face this challenge - multiple cultural attachment and identities are offered as goals to aspire to.

In The Spirits Play, five Japanese spirits - a General, a Man, a Mother, a Girl and a Poet - recall their life experience in the Second World War. They are collectively thrown into turmoil in the process of recollection and recall, and in their wish to "make sense" of the war and its atrocities inflicted upon them, not only by the foreign enemy but also by their own government and army.

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Author C.J W.-L. Wee, Lee Chee Keng
ISBN 978.981.248.002.6
Size 227mm x 152mm
Extent 144pp
Hardcover / Softcover Softcover
Illustrated or Black & White Black & White text only
Language English
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