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café | sg: A Cafe Lover’s Guide to Singapore
Singapore’s food scene is renowned for its raucous hawker centres and world-class gourmet restaurants, but in recent years it is its cosmopolitan café industry that has been charting a caffeine-fuelled course to take over the country. The island is now bursting at the seams with dozens of coffee spots, from gleaming industrial-chic java joints in the centre of town to hole-in-the wall hipster hangouts dotting nearly all residential neighbourhoods. Even the city’s local kopi stalwarts are enjoying a resurgence, with millennials newly discovering the coffee houses that once provided their grandparents with butter-enriched brews with which to wash down their kaya toast and eggs.

café | sg: A Café Lover’s Guide to Singapore, the first book of its kind here, offers a timely snapshot of this java zeitgeist sweeping the nation. This handy guide profiles 50 of the best-known and best-hidden cafés on the island, all providing their own java juices to make Singapore the city that never sleeps. Written by award-winning, coffee-loving young
journalists from The Straits Times newsroom, this volume is guaranteed to give readers a caffeine high. Accompanying the succinct but richly detailed descriptions of each café are artistic photos as well as helpful information such as price guides, websites, opening hours, addresses and walking directions from the nearest MRT station.

Published by Straits Times Press, café | sg: A Café Lover’s Guide to Singapore will be launched this year at the very first coffee-centric festival celebrating Singapore’s unique café culture.

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Italy - A Traveler's History

Italy: A Traveler's History offers a personal perspective from two authors with an intimate knowledge of the country - Raymond Flower, an Oxford graduate who has written over 30 books on several subjects, including several on Italy, and Alessandro Falassi, a member of an old Tuscan family residing in Chianti and Siena since the Middle Ages.

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Change comes slowly in Kyoto, a city of wooden houses, ancient temples and shops in business for centuries. Seeking relief from the rapid-fire modern world, travellers have been drawn to Japan’s old capital in growing numbers, propelling the city to the top of global traveller rankings.

Kyoto Unhurried is a resident’s introduction to the city, with a focus on lesser-known places and events, showing readers where to go at different times of the year.

In summer, sit down to a cold beer with a geisha. In winter, huddle with locals at a tiny 130-year-old restaurant and warm up with fishcakes simmered in a subtle broth.

Spring and autumn fill Kyoto with visitors in search of cherry blossoms and maple colours. Get the insider’s scoop on where you can enjoy both without being swept away by the stampede.

But this is more than a travel guide. Pulling present-day encounters together with tales of poets and samurai, Kyoto Unhurried charts an atmospheric journey through one of the
world’s most romantic cities. It does not simply tell travellers what to see; it shows them why in the first place they should go.

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Singapore Trails - Singapore River Walk & Jubilee Walk
Filled with evocative archival photographs and vivid snapshots of the modern city, Singapore Trails: Singapore River Walk & Jubilee Walk uncovers the island’s rich past and vibrant present via two meticulously-curated walking trails.

This handy guidebook brings together two trails in the heart of the city: the Singapore River Walk, which traces Singapore’s path from a bustling 19th-century port to a modern city, and the Jubilee Walk, created to mark Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015.

Developed by the National Heritage Board, these storied paths take readers on a journey not simply through Singapore’s civic district, but through her rich and multifaceted past.
With this guide in hand, tourists, foreign residents, and locals alike will enjoy finding out more about Singapore on foot.

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