The Ocean Of Ambition

The Ocean Of Ambition

The Ocean Of Ambition


The Ocean Of Ambition, Koh Buck Song's third collection of poems, takes us on a journey of familiarity and emotion. Nothing is too small or too large for his perceptive eye - a squirrel, Batman, the Taj Mahal. Describing scenes and feelings with artistic ease and drawing connections between these subjects and our workaday lives, Buck Song reminds us of what we miss by being too focused, by failing to pause and absorb and appreciate what surrounds us.

The Ocean Of Ambition is a habitat that is not always hospitable, and in this ocean hapless squid struggle to survive. The author hopes that it sums up the essence of all the ambitions of art - to give voice to the human condition.

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Author Koh Buck Song
ISBN 978.981.248.020.0
Size 152mm x 227mm
Extent 92pp
Hardcover / Softcover Softcover
Illustrated or Black & White Black & White text only
Language English
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