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Small Change- Investment Made Simple

Small Change- Investment Made Simple

Small Change- Investment Made Simple
SMALL CHANGE : INVESTMENT MADE SIMPLE tells you how to grow your nest egg simply by adjusting your approach to making investments. Goh Eng Yeow, who has spent decades around financial markets and writing about investing, reveals why some people make millions while others fail badly; how financial disasters can be golden opportunities for those with the right attitude; and how to apply common sense in making investment picks.

In 30 incredibly easy-to-read chapters, we learn how to, among other things, get lucky by thinking positive; find your way out of a financial maze; adopt an investment strategy for all seasons; go on the trail of smart money. Also not to let emotions cloud your judgment; or to invest by numbers; or bank on the "greater fool" theory.

As Magnus Bocker says of this book, Goh Eng Yeow makes the important distinction between investing and speculating. This he does by using anecdotes including his own investment history. An inspirational book that can be read in one sitting, before making the next New Year's resolution on growing your money.

THE AUTHOR: Goh Eng Yeow, The Straits Times senior markets correspondent for almost three decades, also spent some years as a stock market dealer with Morgan Grenfell Asia Securities and did a stint as executive director in a public-listed company. For a while, he helmed the "Market Talk" column for US wires agency Dow Jones Newswires.
He has spent much of his life educating the investing public on financial literacy through his "Small Change" and "Cai Jin" columns in The Straits Times. In 2006, he was named the Best Financial Journalist of the Year by the Securities Investors Association of Singapore (Sias). Business Times, in writing about his award, observed that he was known to be a champion of minority shareholders. In 2013, he received the SIAS Outstanding Commentaries Award.
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