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Singapore Chronicles: Defence

Singapore Chronicles: Defence

Singapore Chronicles: Defence
Singapore Chronicles
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s Independence, the Institute of Policy Studies and Straits Times Press are jointly launching the Singapore Chronicles series in 2015. This 50-volume series seeks to record, explain and offer insights into what makes Singapore, Singapore. Covering a wide range of subjects, from the philosophical to the mundane, the fundamental to the practical, these Singapore Chronicles titles include Constitution, Presidency, Housing, Transport, Demography, CPF, Sports and Food. Each volume in this series will serve as a primer on the subject.

Written by leading experts, they will focus on key aspects of the subject, providing analysis as well as an historical account. Readers will gain an insight into what makes Singapore tick and also why it has chosen certain“paths un-trodden”.


How can a tiny island defend itself against Goliaths in the region? This book addresses that often-asked question. Singapore’s defence works within a strategic culture which assumes the country’s intrinsic vulnerability, stemming from its inherent smallness and historic hostilities. Singapore believes that the challenges to its survival and success can be overcome if the Government and the people commit sufficient resources to a strong defence posture. This primer provides an introduction to what is Singapore’s defence policy and why has it adopted the approach that it has. It details the wide-ranging role the Singapore Armed Forces plays in Singapore’s defence, one that is not always conspicuous. The domestic challenges faced from possessing such an expensive, albeit formidable and technologically-advanced, force are also examined.

1 Singapore’s Defence Policy
2 Singapore’s Strategic Culture: Inherent Vulnerability
3 Singapore’s Strategic Culture: Strength Engineered Through Pragmatism
4 The SAF: Deterrence in Action
5 The SAF: Diplomacy in Action
6 Domestic Challenges
7 Conclusion
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