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Ageing with Grace -The Complete Caregiver's Guide
“This unique resource is a collection of information, experience and professional advice that is thoughtfully designed to assist the caregivers throughout the entire journey of caregiving, beginning from positive and active ageing, managing functional and medical frailty, right through to end-of-life issues where there is an appropriate shift in the goals of care towards comfort and dignity.”
— Associate Professor Chin Jing Jih Director, Institute of Geriatrics and Active Ageing
Divisional Chairman, Division of Integrative and Community Care
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

"Ageing with Grace: The Complete Caregiver’s Guide" is a handbook on holistic caregiving that offers practical tools, comprehensive information and support. It helps the caregiver to better understand the current issues of the older adult, anticipate future challenges, and be well prepared for the journey ahead. The older adult can continue to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. The caregiver too, will be able to find peace of mind as he tends to his loved one.

This book contains:
• Contributions from over 40 multi-disciplinary health care professionals
• Advice on various aspects, from managing the older adult’s chronic diseases, dementia, fall prevention, wound care and terminal discharge, to self-care for the caregiver
• Quick tips – essential information at a glance
• Clear step-by-step instructions with photographs – in the areas of exercise, diet planning, urinary catheter management and many more
• List of helpful resources in the community

Singapore Places its Bets (buy direct from

Singapore Places its Bets sketches out some of the transformative bold changes that have occurred in Singapore society since the late 1990s. It focuses on Singapore’s ambitious efforts to re-orient its economy to take on the challenges thrown up by the competitive pressures of globalisation, and how in the process it has had to “remake” itself. The advent of casinos is a part of that remaking process. Once repeatedly rejected by a socially conservative government that has ruled the city-state since its independence in 1965, casinos, as part of two “integrated resorts”, will now become a fixture of the Singapore landscape. The likely economic benefits and social consequences of casino gambling in a densely populated city-state are examined at length. Singapore’s relatively liberal policy of allowing foreign nationals to live, study, work and take up permanent residency and citizenship will also be scrutinised largely in terms of its impact on social cohesion and national identity. Have the transformative economic and social changes that have occurred in a small country over such a short space of time, and at such breakneck speed, unwittingly morphed it from being a nation-state to being purely an economic entity? This book will provide a few answers to that and other questions.

Working Together - Organisational Effectiveness Through Healthy Work Life Practices

Every CEO knows that the secret to growing an organisation lies in developing the staff. Employees with a healthy work-life balance bring long-term benefits of organisational effectiveness. This book details programmes such as Flexible Work Arrangements and contains true accounts of how the implementation and practice of work-life concepts made significant positive impact on organisations.

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The Illustrated Men In White

This is for teens, the time-strapped fans of graphic novels and all who love a good real-life story.

The tales here of power, struggle and betrayal were inspired by the best-selling Men in White. They were picked because they captured the imagination of The New Paper team behind The Illustrated Men In White.

The graphic novel begins at the close of World War II. And stops at 1961, just before the familiar story of merger and separation begins. Years packed with the passion of the key players, the sacrifices for a larger cause, the ideals and realpolitik.

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Writing Your Autobiography

Everyone has one book that they are qualified to write – their own life story. But not everyone knows how to go about doing it. Now, with this little book, which will have them chuckling as they read it, they can get expert advice and finally get started.

Writing Your Autobiography is a blueprint for the would-be autobiographer. It takes you step by step through all the issues, from literary styles to practical matters such as how to get published.

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Mastering English with The Straits Times: The Secondary Edition

Mastering English with The Straits Times: The Secondary Edition is a workbook which

  • is based on the latest ‘O’-level English examination format
  • is aligned with the English syllabus 1128 issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore
  • provides guided practice that help students prepare for the various components in actual examinations
  • contains authentic stories and photographs from The Straits Times that help build students’ vocabulary, improve their general knowledge and raise their awareness of current affairs
  • is filled with rich ideas and sound advice from teachers, better equipping students with the relevant techniques that help them in practical application
  • includes skills-based exercises that give additional tips on the challenging question-types such as summary, flow chart, language for impact and vocabulary questions

The workbook’s content is developed by Straits Times Schools – the team that publishes Little Red Dot and IN – award-winning educational supplements for primary and secondary schools, respectively. It is also the driving force behind successful events such as The Big Spell and The Big Quiz.

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The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook: 365 Awesome Questions!
In 2017, which supermarket filed a police report over rumours that its rice was made of plastic?

Which was the first country to shut down its FM radio network in favour of digital radio?

Who topped Forbes magazine’s 2017 list of the world’s billionaires?

When will commuters in Singapore be able to travel on driverless public buses?

These questions and more lie in wait for quiz gameshow fans and news junkies in The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook. The handy travel-sized book lets readers test their knowledge of Singapore and the world with a year’s worth of trivia straight from the headlines: 365 questions or a question a day.

The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook is inspired by The Big Quiz, an annual event for pre-university students of which The Straits Times Schools is one of the organisers. The devious multiple-choice questions are based on current affairs covered by the 300-strong The Straits Times newsroom, with a handy appendix of article references included.

From movie stars to the South China Sea, local authors to global sporting events, The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook is a grabbag of fun facts and trivia for readers of all ages and interests.

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CLOSE WATCH - A Nation's Resolve to Secure Singapore
CLOSE WATCH documents Singapore's efforts in countering the threat of terrorism since the country was stunned by the arrests of several Jemaah Islamiyah members here following the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States.
This book details what goes on behind the scenes as the authorities endeavour to keep the country safe from terrorist attacks. The whole-of-government approach to the threat is augmented by contributions from a cross-section of society, from the private sector to religious organisations and members of the public. Together, their collective vigilance is a testimony to the whole-of-nation effort in keeping our home safe.

Ben Nadarajan has been a journalist with The Straits Times for 10 years and has won several in-house and international awards for his work. He likes writing about crime, security and legal issues, although he has dabbled in science, environmental and foreign affairs stories as well. He grew up wanting to write fiction, but ended up writing non-fiction instead.

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Foreign Maids - The Complete Handbook For Employers And Maid Agencies

Foreign Maids - The Complete Handbook For Employers And Maid Agencies by Chew Kim Whatt is the answer to the Ministry of Manpower's effort to instil in employers how we should treat maids as workers and human beings.

Foreign Maids is a one-stop reference that offers fresh approaches for employers, employment agencies, embassies and social workers. It offers practical tips and shows you the way to smooth maid agency, employer and domestic worker relationships, and eliminates unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding.

This book gives you insights on how to treat this addition to your household, to achieve the same level of efficiency in her as you would desire when hiring and managing an employee in your company. Some of the highlights are :

  • Do you understand your maid's cultural values?
  • Why hire a transfer maid/new maid?
  • Get the job description right
  • Ma'am, what's my work every day?
  • Training for performance
  • Work Permit procedures, guidelines and sample forms
  • Maid abuse

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Foul! The Inside Story of Singapore Match Fixers
A few years ago, Fifa’s then head of security, Chris Eaton, announced that Singapore “(seemed) to have an academy of match fixers”. This was followed by Europol’s revelation that 680 football matches worldwide had been fixed with strong roots to a Singapore-based syndicate. Just who are these match fixers – or “Kelong Kings”, as they are locally known – whose deeds have placed Singapore on the world map for all the wrong reasons? Foul! The inside story of Singapore match fixers unveils the untold story of prominent Singaporean match fixers who have so boldly plied their trade on the international football scene.

How long will The Beautiful Game be tainted? Will the fight against match fixing ever be won?

This book will let you know the odds.

• a comprehensive, non-fiction account of the situation
• inner mechanisms of a match-fixing syndicate
• trade secrets and tricks on and off the pitch
• manifold layers of a dirty business steeped in violence and trickery
• assault, suicide, murder and other deadly repercussions
• undercover sting-ops by private investigators
• first-hand interviews with the infamous Wilson Raj Perumal and other local Kelong Kings of past and present
• official statements and action of local and international authorities
• current scoreline of the fight against match fixing

About the Author
Zaihan Mohamed Yusof is a senior correspondent with The New Paper. He has written over 140 investigative reports on global football match-fixing
syndicates. In the last two years, he has become one of the leading experts on the topic, particularly in Asia. His views have been sought after by international
publications and quoted in Al Jazeera, BBC, ESPN, The New York Times, Radio France, The Financial Times and AFP, to name a few. In 2012, he was awarded
Journalist of the Year and Story of the Year at the Singapore Press Holdings’ English/Malay Newspaper Division Annual Awards 2011.

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