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The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook: 365 Awesome Questions!
In 2017, which supermarket filed a police report over rumours that its rice was made of plastic?

Which was the first country to shut down its FM radio network in favour of digital radio?

Who topped Forbes magazine’s 2017 list of the world’s billionaires?

When will commuters in Singapore be able to travel on driverless public buses?

These questions and more lie in wait for quiz gameshow fans and news junkies in The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook. The handy travel-sized book lets readers test their knowledge of Singapore and the world with a year’s worth of trivia straight from the headlines: 365 questions or a question a day.

The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook is inspired by The Big Quiz, an annual event for pre-university students of which The Straits Times Schools is one of the organisers. The devious multiple-choice questions are based on current affairs covered by the 300-strong The Straits Times newsroom, with a handy appendix of article references included.

From movie stars to the South China Sea, local authors to global sporting events, The Straits Times Quiz Yearbook is a grabbag of fun facts and trivia for readers of all ages and interests.

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Battle for Merger

The Battle for Merger charts the crucial years of 1961–1962, when the PAP government was in a precarious position and the future of Singapore was hanging in the balance. This commemorative book retains the authenticity of the transcripts of Lee Kuan Yew’s twelve radio talks and appendices, which are exact reproductions of the original 1962 edition. Complete with nostalgic photographs of historical events as well as painstaking reproductions of secret letters and codes, this book also includes new material to give a comprehensive coverage on the intriguing subject of merger between Singapore and Malaysia.

This publication contains the following:

1. A new message from Lee Kuan Yew that reveals the former prime minister’s hindsight on merger
2. A comprehensive essay by Associate Professor Albert Lau that provides the historical background to merger
3. Concise notes to key players, places and events
4. MP3 audio recordings of the twelve radio talks in English, Mandarin and Malay

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One Man's View of the World - Lee Kuan Yew (CHINESE)
In this book, Lee draws on that wealth of experience and depth of insight to offer his views on today’s world and what it might look like in 20 years. This is no dry geopolitical treatise. Nor is it a thematic account of the twists and turns in global affairs. Instead, in this broad-sweep narrative that takes in America, China, Asia and Europe, he parses their society, probes the psyche of the people and draws his conclusions about their chances for survival and just where they might land in the hierarchy of tomorrow’s balance of power. What makes a society tick? What do its people really believe? Can it adapt?

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To the Finishing Line
  • Inspirational memoirs of three of Singapore's greatest female Olympians.
  • In-depth account of sport in general and women's athletics in particular in early Singapore
  • Excellent source of oral and social history - with interviews from the three Olympians and their contemporaries.
  • More than 120 photographs of the three Olympians and sport events.
  • Back-of-book easy-reference sport terms, timeline of events, and index.
  • Published under the auspices of the National Institute of Education, Singapore Olympic Academy, Singapore Pools, and the Women and Sport Working Group.

To the Finishing Line is a stirring account of the personal drive and determination of Tang Pui Wah, Mary Klass and Janet Jesudason - three young women athletes who became the first female Olympians from Singapore. In a predominantly migrant society, where issue of survival, peace and security were prescribed by men, these three athletes stood up to the ultimate test of sport competition and took their rightful place as heroines and role models.

Today's aspiring athletes, male and female, will draw inspiration from Nick Aplin's well researched book on the very first women Olympians to cross the finishing line.

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The Making of NTU-My Story
From its origins in the former Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI), which was set up in 1981 to provide facilities for tertiary education and research in various branches of engineering and technology, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has undertaken an extraordinary journey of excellence to become one of the world’s top young universities. In The Making of NTU, Cham Tao Soon gives a firsthand account of the 22 years he spent in building up NTI, which was later inaugurated as NTU. It is a remarkable story of how a very small team of dedicated people were put to the test in starting a university from scratch. Searching the world for teaching staff with the right credentials, it was impressed upon Cham more than once that they were “indeed a small start-up in the large engineering universe”. Yet, in just four years, NTI was singled out as one of the best engineering institutions in the world by the Commonwealth Engineering Council. How they did this is Cham Tao Soon’s story.
THE AUTHOR: Cham Tao Soon became the founding President of Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI) in 1981. After NTI was reconstituted as Nanyang
Technological University (NTU) in 1991, he served as its President until December 2002. He was conferred the title of President Emeritus in July 2007. During his term, Cham played a historic role in transforming NTI from humble beginnings into a major university for industry and business. Beyond NTU, Professor Cham has been involved in the formation of the Singapore Management University in 1997, a spin-off from the Singapore Institute of Management. He is currently the Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of SIM University. Cham remains active in the local industry and the engineering profession, having served on the boards of Natsteel Ltd, Singapore Press Holdings, United Overseas Bank and WBL Corporation Ltd. He has also served on high-level committees, including the Council of Presidential Advisers. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Fluid Mechanics) from the University of Cambridge, UK, and has received a number of awards, including the Public Administration Medal (Gold) and the Distinguished Service Order, both conferred by the Singapore government.

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Singapore Raw:25 Stories from 25 years of news, emotion, wow
Published in commemoration of The New Paper’s 25th anniversary,Singapore Raw: 25 stories from 25 years of news, emotion, wow contains 25 of its most memorable stories over the years. These are stories of love and hate, joy and despair, sacrifice and loss. Some you’ll remember, others you may have forgotten, and then, there are
those which you may have missed. Time has passed since these individuals and their stories were first published in The New Paper. How are they? Where are they now? Have they moved on? What are their plans? The New Paper team fanned out island-wide and beyond, retracing old steps and breaking new grounds as they checked in with the various persons to find out how they have been. Those featured include Singapore’s favourite football son Fandi Ahmad; eight-year-old Bryan Liu, who found a kidney donor through The New Paper; the infamous former international porn star Annabel Chong; disgraced ex-diplomat and former Romanian chargé d’affaires in Singapore Silviu Ionescu, among many others. They comprise of recaps, as well as the latest updates. Weaved in between the pages are also stories not in the traditional
sense of the word, but are nevertheless, narratives that make up the rich, unique tapestry of The New Paper. These include the history and evolution of The New Paper Big Walk, visual coverage of news, movies and of course, its very passionate, fever-pitch expert coverage of football – from the Malaysia Cup, the S-League, the English Premier League, to even the European Championships and the World Cup. Whether it is a piece of breaking news, an issue, a controversy, an incident or a dispute, at the very core, The New Paper always tells stories. Stories of people and human emotions engaged and played out in the daily drama of life. This is where The New Paper has its roots – deep in the hearts of the everyday man.

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Government in Business- Friend or Foe?
Government in Business – Friend or Foe? sets out the arguments for and against government involvement in business, a topic for debate that arises whenever there is an economic storm.Former Member of Singapore’s Parliament and top civil servant Lim Hwee Hua has used her active role in this perennial issue to show just how complex the arguments can be. She answers a list of recurring questions, dealing with the why, when, what and wherefore which public officials, managers of state-owned enterprises and businessmen will find useful when formulating policies, or in their dealings with one another. The numerous examples she cites from all over the world, of governments’ dreams and nightmares, illustrate factors peculiar to particular situations, but all raise degees of risk best resolved with honesty, particularly with regard to who benefits the most from a decision to get in or out. As Lim explains, the answer can sometimes come as a shock.

CONTENTS: Preface • 01 Safeguarding national interests • 02 Pursuing strategic goals • 03 Deciding when to enter the market • 04 Always a good reason but seldom an easy exit • 05 Government as fiscal manager and regulator • 06 Government as shareholder • 07 Avoiding moral hazards • 08 Asking the right questions • Epilogue • Endnotes • Index

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Diplomacy: A Singapore Experience
After more than four decades of independence, Singapore has built up a significant corpus of norms, principles and experiences that form the bedrock of its foreign policy. Many of these milestone events and watershed moments in MFA's history are known only to a handful of ministers and officials. There is a need to always remember the fundamentals of our key foreign policy interests. In Diplomacy: A Singapore Experience, Prof S Jayakumar records his reflections on selected episodes and events where he was involved as Minister or as Permanent Representative to the UN. They illustrate how Singapore created diplomatic and economic space for itself, and its proactive diplomacy in the UN and ASEAN. The author also recounts Singapore's responses to moves by other countries that were inimical to its national interests, resolving disputes in an amicable manner through third party settlement, now an important feature of Singapore's foreign policy. Included are episodes in bilateral relations with Malaysia, Indonesia and China which demonstrate that such relations must be on the basis of equals respecting each other's soverign status, and also in compliance with international law and international agreements.

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Malaysia & Singapore- The Land Reclamation Case- From Dispute to Settlement
This book tells the story of Singapore’s first experience of defending its legal rights before an international tribunal, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS).

In April 2002, Malaysia lodged a protest against Singapore’s reclamation works around Pulau Tekong and Pulau Ubin on the grounds that they were causing trans-boundary environmental harm to Malaysia’s territorial waters. Just a year later, after one unsuccessful meeting between the parties, Malaysia initiated proceedings against Singapore, to stop its reclamation works around these islands. Malaysia’s claim for provisional measures to stop the Pulau Tekong reclamation works until the disposal of the dispute raised the larger issue of conflicting legal rights – Singapore’s right to reclaim part of its territorial sea for national needs, and Malaysia’s concern to protect its maritime environment from harm.

The authors, who were part of the multidisciplinary and multi-agency team tasked with presenting Singapore’s case at ITLOS, recount the facts of the reclamation dispute and the ITLOS proceedings culminating in a pragmatic outcome, one that paves the way for future cases of this nature to be resolved in a similar way. This book would be of interest to students and readers of international relations, international law and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

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Men In White - The Untold Story Of Singapore's Ruling Political Party

Men In White is the inside story of one of the world’s most successful political parties. Narrated in three parts, it is oral history spun in a journalistic mode and spiced unapologetically with anecdotes, quotes and human interest to breathe life into past events. Three writers from The Straits Times backed by four researchers conducted some 300 interviews in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. The result is a dramatic account of the PAP – warts, blemishes and all – and of the pivotal moments in its history which changed the course of Singapore forever.

PART ONE tells how a Cambridge-educated lawyer and his anglicised associates collaborated with radical Chinese-speaking trade unionists to drive out the British colonialists and how they fought each other to the bitter end.

PART TWO captures the agonies of leadership renewal and charts the ascent of Goh Chok Tong who succeeded Lee as the second prime minister. It ends with Lee Hsien Loong taking over from Goh in 2004 and leading the party to victory in the 2006 polls.

PART THREE wraps up the PAP story by delving into the key principles that characterise Singapore governance and concludes with the intriguing poser: Will PAP outlive LKY?

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