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Naked Ambition - Corporate Animals Stripped Bare

Naked Ambition - Corporate Animals Stripped Bare

Naked Ambition - Corporate Animals Stripped Bare

Raven, termite, bee, ferret, viper, fox, mongoose, king cobra, pigeon, chimpanzee, dog, rat, rabbit, chameleon, turkey vulture, shark, tokay, borer, cat, lion - which animal are you? Or perhaps more importantly, which animal is your boss, your mate, or your nightmare at work?

A tongue-in-cheek look at different personalties in the corporate world, Naked Ambition will keep you wondering what games are afoot where you work, and who's doing you in, even as you read.

Weight 0.48 grams
Author Lawrence Basapa
ISBN 978.981.248.082.8
Size 152 mm x 227mm
Extent 200pp
Hardcover / Softcover Softcover
Illustrated or Black & White Black & White text & illustrations
Language English
Our price: US$13.85

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