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Money, Death And You

Money, Death And You

Money, Death And You


As Goola Warden, Senior Writer of The Edge puts it, many of us don't want to think about death, but Money, Death and You gives you very strong reasons why you should. "This book takes the common man around the minefield of wills and trusts andpolicies," she asserts.

Financial planning does not end with death. And if you, like countless others, believe that writing your will (perhaps filling in the standard forms) means that your affairs are left in order, consider these questions:

  • What happens if your will is challenged? Is it really watertight against the claims of money-grubbing relations whom you do not wish to benefit?
  • How can you protect young children or helpless dependants from incompetant (if well-intentioned) guardians?
  • How can you provide for someone and keep this a secret from others (since the contents of wills can be made public)?
  • Is a joint account a neat way to transfer your wealth to the other account holder? (You wish!)
  • If you donate money to your favourite charity in your will, would it be tax-dedictable?
  • Are your assets overseas safe from heavy foreign taxes?
  • Will your beneficiaries get their legacies quickly, or have you left them wallowing in red tape while your assets shrink in value? 

Money, Death and You addresses all these issues and much more. Simply and concisely, the book provides an overall perspective of the legal issues related to death and the estate, to give readers the answers they need when they embark on their estate of succession plan - or simply want to know where the problems lie. The book includes horrendous real-life scenarios that you can avoid with some thoughtful planning.

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