Straits Times Press Books :: Biography :: Keeping the Faith- Syed Isa Semait, Mufti of Singapore 1972-2010

Keeping the Faith- Syed Isa Semait, Mufti of Singapore 1972-2010

Keeping the Faith- Syed Isa Semait, Mufti of Singapore 1972-2010

Keeping the Faith- Syed Isa Semait, Mufti of Singapore 1972-2010
His role to forge a Singapore Muslim identity has helped the community to thrive in a multi-religious, modern and cosmopolitan Singapore. — Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Contemporary Islamic, Studies, Oxford University, UK. Mufti Syed Isa has played a very significant role in providing, leadership and inspiration in enhancing the bond of relationship, among the many faith communities for the greater good of Singapore, and beyond. — Retired Revd Dr John Chew, Bishop of Singapore. Syed Isa Semait worked as a typist, welder, bookseller and marriage registrar before being appointed Mufti of Singapore in 1972 at the age of 33. He soon found his decisions aimed at improving the religious life of Singapore’s Muslim community challenged by many. Some called him a government lackey. But backed by his peers and older religious leaders, he persevered and gradually won the hearts and minds of many Muslim Singaporeans round to what he was convinced was the best way for them to organise their religious affairs in the midst of rapid development. Keeping the Faith tells the story of Syed Isa, the Mufti of Singapore for almost40 years, and how with his guidance, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis, or Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) oversaw improvements to the collection and administration of zakat or tithes, the fixing of Islamic calendar dates, the administration of wakaf or endowments, and the revamping of religious education to keep up with changing times. By the time he stepped down from the post of Mufti at the end of 2010, Syed Isa had helped see to a more confident and progressive Muslim community that was no less religious but more conscious of the role it could play in a cosmopolitan, multi-religious Singapore. As an active member of the Inter-Religious Organisation, Syed Isa also led the way in fostering friendships with leaders of the various faiths in Singapore.
Keeping the Faith shows how Syed Isa applied his knowledge and convictions to help shape what he believed would lead to the best outcomes for his community.
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