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Moving Towards A Brighter Tomorrow-Parkinson Disease
Provides comprehensive and current information on Parkinson disease and the effective ways in which people with Parkinson and their caregivers can cope with the challenges of this condition.

This latest edition features new chapters on Parkinson disease and its management strategies, while providing tips on improving balance and preventing falls, and techniques to keep the mind active. It also includes useful information on self-care for caregivers and presents the latest research findings on potential new treatments.

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This is a story about a young American boy.
He is a savant and a maths prodigy.
He's in a coma in Singapore.
We don't want him to die.
We canít have him live.
Whatís his enigma?
Whatís his fate?
His price?
We donít care.
We need his organs.
The bidding has opened.
The Mafia has been mobilised.
The hospital OT has been organised.
The surgeons and nurses have scrubbed.
We, the transplant patients, are getting impatient.
Time is money. Time is hope. Time is life. Time is death.
This is your story Ė and mine.
What options do we have when our organs fail?
When death is at our door, will we choose to die? Or live to kill?

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Seeing Red - Help Your Child Deal With Anger At Home And In Public

Childhood should be a time of happiness, but as all parents know, it can also be a time that severely tests their patience. Children who are not taught to understand and control their anger can grow into adults with anger management issues. Seeing Red gives an excellent perspective on understanding and managing anger in children. Dr Ang and Dr Fung provide tested techniques based on their vast experience helping parents develop effective strategies to teach their children this important lifeskill of anger management.

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Stories Of Hope From The Cancer Clinic

These are true stories told by the patients, doctors and counsellors of the Parkway Cancer Center (PCC) who have undertaken the challenging journey against cancer.

Cancer is one of the most devastating disease worldwide. The top five most common types are lung, breast, colorectal, stomach and liver cancer. Around the world, more than 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. However, with advances in cancer treatments, those affected can take heart in knowing that they can be successfully cured.

These stories of hope will inspire everyone, whether they are cancer patients, their families or their friends.

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The Wholefood Kitchen - Naturally Nourishing Meals for a Healthy Lifestyle

The Wholefood Kitchen – Naturally Nourishing Meals for a Healthy Lifestyle is NOT just a cookbook, it is more of an experience. It is intelligently written, chock-full of vital information, fascinating facts, and delicious easy-to-prepare recipes. The vast references with easy-to-grasp key points and outstanding graphics make for an uncomplicated userfriendly go-to cookbook. It is basically everything you ever wanted to know about vegan or vegetarian cuisine. The recipes are hyper-creative, imaginative and family-friendly – stress-free and easy preparation for almost any cook’s skill level. 

The Wholefood Kitchen offers a true culinary adventure, and transforms home cooking into creative kitchen fun with extremely tasty results. 

This publication contains the following: 

1. A delightful range of vegetarian, vegan and glutenfree recipes that promise flavourful creations packed with nutrients 
2. Tempting treats from seasonal thirst quenchers to wholesome soups and stews, as well as satisfying snacks, fragrant whole-grain bakes and irresistible desserts 
3. Vital information about handling wholefood ingredients, fascinating facts about nutrients, and vast references with easy-to-grasp key points 

This book is for those who want to achieve the goal of smart and healthy eating through a wholefood plant-based diet which provides powerful protection against chronic disease. It will take you on a delicious, healing journey. 

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Voices From The Heart - Living with Dementia

This book is a valuable reference for family caregivers, healthcare professionals and those with dementia, containing first-hand information from those who have gone through the experience. With an increasingly aging population, dementia is likely to touch the lives of more and more families. This book addresses the concerns of those affected, and also contains heart-warming contributions from family caregivers who share their personal experiences of caring for a person with dementia. 

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Wish I Knew - Caring For The Sick At Home

Wish I Knew - Caring for the Sick at Home tells you and your family about:

  • caring for caregivers
  • tube feeding
  • choosing the right clothes for an invalid
  • catheters
  • safety precautions at home
  • preventing bedsores
  • coping with death and loss
  • numbers to call in case of an emergency

Susie Kong and Tisa Ng provide quick, simple and practical solutions for when your family or a caregiver has to take of loved ones at home, particularly the aged sick, on a long-term basis.

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