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Foul! The Inside Story of Singapore Match Fixers

Foul! The Inside Story of Singapore Match Fixers

Foul! The Inside Story of Singapore Match Fixers
A few years ago, Fifa’s then head of security, Chris Eaton, announced that Singapore “(seemed) to have an academy of match fixers”. This was followed by Europol’s revelation that 680 football matches worldwide had been fixed with strong roots to a Singapore-based syndicate. Just who are these match fixers – or “Kelong Kings”, as they are locally known – whose deeds have placed Singapore on the world map for all the wrong reasons? Foul! The inside story of Singapore match fixers unveils the untold story of prominent Singaporean match fixers who have so boldly plied their trade on the international football scene.

How long will The Beautiful Game be tainted? Will the fight against match fixing ever be won?

This book will let you know the odds.

• a comprehensive, non-fiction account of the situation
• inner mechanisms of a match-fixing syndicate
• trade secrets and tricks on and off the pitch
• manifold layers of a dirty business steeped in violence and trickery
• assault, suicide, murder and other deadly repercussions
• undercover sting-ops by private investigators
• first-hand interviews with the infamous Wilson Raj Perumal and other local Kelong Kings of past and present
• official statements and action of local and international authorities
• current scoreline of the fight against match fixing

About the Author
Zaihan Mohamed Yusof is a senior correspondent with The New Paper. He has written over 140 investigative reports on global football match-fixing
syndicates. In the last two years, he has become one of the leading experts on the topic, particularly in Asia. His views have been sought after by international
publications and quoted in Al Jazeera, BBC, ESPN, The New York Times, Radio France, The Financial Times and AFP, to name a few. In 2012, he was awarded
Journalist of the Year and Story of the Year at the Singapore Press Holdings’ English/Malay Newspaper Division Annual Awards 2011.
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