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“Barker was not a natural politician – he lacked raw political ambition and the consuming passion of the ideologically driven. He was a natural leader – in sports, in school. He also had a
first rate mind; he was a Queen’s Scholar. He was a renaissance gentleman and a human being comfortable in his own skin – no chip on the shoulder, nothing to prove and not one to seek out the political limelight.

As such, one tends to forget how much he was a crucial element in our birth as a sovereign nation – this reluctant politician was the legal mid-wife of Singapore’s Separation and birth
as an independent nation; the man who as Speaker shaped the conventions and order of a new Parliament; the man who as Minister was behind some of our most important nation-ilding endeavor like public housing, reclamation etc.

Many remark how we remember the man that Eddie Barker was and forget he was a Minister because the human being in him was always so much larger and deeper and real than any
institutional role he played at any one time.

This book attempts to piece together the story of Eddie Barker – his deeds, his accomplishments and the extraordinary life he led being the man that he was – and just how much Singaporeans and Singapore have been the beneficiaries of it.”

– Mr Benny Lim, former Permanent Secretary for National Development and former Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, who retired in April 2016

Susan Sim grew up wanting to be a police officer and a journalist, and after graduating from Oxford University, enrolled in the Police Academy. Her first deployment was to the intelligence analysis division of the Internal Security Department.

After several years of working on counter-espionage and counterterrorism, she decided it was time to be a journalist and joined The Straits Times. The paper sent her to Jakarta as Indonesia Bureau Chief, where she had a ringside seat to history covering the ouster of three Indonesian Presidents and too many riots.

She then joined the Singapore Foreign Service and became Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington DC. She now works with The Soufan Group, an international strategic intelligence consultancy.

Susan’s first attempt at combining her interests in Singapore history and law enforcement issues resulted in Making Singapore Safe: Thirty Years of the National Crime Prevention Council, a book described by the Singapore Prime Minister as “a fitting tribute to the Council’s critical role in preventing crime in Singapore”.
ISBN 978-981-4642-69-9
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