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Diplomacy: A Singapore Experience

Diplomacy: A Singapore Experience

Diplomacy: A Singapore Experience
After more than four decades of independence, Singapore has built up a significant corpus of norms, principles and experiences that form the bedrock of its foreign policy. Many of these milestone events and watershed moments in MFA's history are known only to a handful of ministers and officials. There is a need to always remember the fundamentals of our key foreign policy interests. In Diplomacy: A Singapore Experience, Prof S Jayakumar records his reflections on selected episodes and events where he was involved as Minister or as Permanent Representative to the UN. They illustrate how Singapore created diplomatic and economic space for itself, and its proactive diplomacy in the UN and ASEAN. The author also recounts Singapore's responses to moves by other countries that were inimical to its national interests, resolving disputes in an amicable manner through third party settlement, now an important feature of Singapore's foreign policy. Included are episodes in bilateral relations with Malaysia, Indonesia and China which demonstrate that such relations must be on the basis of equals respecting each other's soverign status, and also in compliance with international law and international agreements.
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Author S Jayakumar
ISBN 978.981.426.694.9
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Extent 316pp
Hardcover / Softcover hardcover
Illustrated or Black & White illustrated
Language English
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