What has long seemed the province of science fiction is rapidly turning into reality. Intelligent robots, self-driving cars and automated homes are emerging into everyday life, bringing with them both excitement about the progress of humankind and uncertainty about its continued relevance and role in the future. Disruption: What Lies Ahead is a compilation of features, first published in The Straits Times – Singapore’s main English daily newspaper – between May and August 2016. It explores the trends that are fundamentally reshaping Singapore‘s economy, political landscape and way of life.

The first series, Fast forward: disruption and the Singapore economy, takes a deep dive into several major disruptive forces and their likely impact on jobs and growth in Singapore and the world. These span the gamut from technological advancements, including in fintech and digital identity management, to industrial breakthroughs in 3D printing and nanotechnology, and even social shifts, such as the political and economic consequences of an ageing population.

The second series, The Straits Times Future Economy roundtable discussions, is the outcome of seven panel discussions that senior editors from the newspaper conducted with industry leaders, academics and government representatives about the future of banking, energy, healthcare, manpower, media, manufacturing, and Asia. Although each sector is grappling with its own dizzying pace of displacement and specific fears about structural transformations in jobs and capabilities, the overall tone is one of optimism. Panellists spoke about how Singapore’s advantages such as its skilled workforce, diverse economic base, global connectivity and hands-on policy-making can help it gain an edge in new industries such as the development of clean energy solutions and advanced manufacturing.

The two series of features were written by some 20 journalists from The Straits Times – Singapore’s main English daily newspaper – almost half of whom are editors and seasoned correspondents covering areas such as technology, aviation and health.

They include the editor of the newspaper, Warren Fernandez, its associate editor, Ravi Velloor, its associate opinion editor, Lydia Lim, its business editor, Lee Su Shyan, its assistant business editor, Yasmine Yahya, and its technology editor, Irene Tham.

Nine of the newspaper’s artists and designers contributed infographics and illustrations, and packaged the materials to further help readers crunch the data and make sense of the trends. They include the newspaper’s art editor, Peter Thomas Williams, its deputy art editor, Michael Dizon, and its chief sub-editor, Elaine Tan.
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