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A Taste Of My World

Bring the world into your kitchen, as you whip up tantalising dishes representing practically every continent. While on her frequent globetrotting exploits, Katharine Pooley has unearthed some of the most intriguing recipes, which are sure to liven up your dining table with their variety and tasty appeal.

From simples salads to more complicated meat dishes, there is something for novices and experts alike to try their hand at.

But A Taste Of My World is not just about food - it is also about Katharine's travels. Some memorable experiences from these trips to different countries have been included in the book as short stories, which will entertain, touch and amuse.

The beautiful, full-colour photographs have been specially chosen to bring out the soul of the food, people and places that have found their way into Katharine's book, and are truly a great accompaniment.

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Asian Larder
In Asian Larder, veteran food journalist Sylvia Tan, with several cookbooks to
her name, opens up her larder to readers and demystifies common and notso-
common ingredients found in a typical Asian kitchen.
She describes the characteristics of some 130 Asian food products that are
indispensable when cooking Asian food – from bottled seasonings, sauces and
pastes, to dried food products, spices and herbs. Aside from traditional and
well-known standbys such as soya and oyster sauces, Sylvia has also included
newer pastes such as laksa, mee siam and green curry that have conveniently
come up over the years to cook these very dishes, which our parents had to
make from scratch.
The chapters are organised around groups of ingredients, such as sauces,
soya bean products, dried vegetables and seafood and so on. And most
ingredients will be supported by at least one recipe that illustrate their use in
the kitchen. These recipes, which number around 120, can be either traditional
or updated; some will illustrate new ways of using the ingredient, but they are
all well-loved and valuable standbys in an Asian kitchen.

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Ask the Foodie
In 2006, Chris Tan began a conversation with readers and home cooks in
The Sunday Times. It went on for five years. He encountered Singaporeans
obsessed with eating, and with some things in particular – firm prawns,
steamed egg, soups, deep-fried anything…
Forgotten dishes: Some questions were nostalgic. How do I recreate my
grandma’s kueh, where can I find this long-forgotten dish?
Distress calls: Some were distress calls over repeated recipe failures, like
cakes that ended up with the wrong texture, curries that didn’t make the cut.
Tricky recipes: Many focused on just how tricky apparently simple recipes
could be – why braised peanuts stayed hard, for example.
ASK THE FOODIE: KITCHEN KNOWHOW EXPLAINED is for all the faithful followers
of Chris Tan’s column. This compilation includes the most frequently asked
questions, and answers that have been reinforced by further experiments. It
covers a wide range of topics: Asian snacks & desserts; Beverages; Cakes &
puddings; Curries & sambals; Eggs & dairy; Frying; Herbs & spices; Ingredients
& additives; Meat & poultry; Noodles & pasta; Nuts, beans, seeds & grains;
Pastries & bread; Pickles & preserves; Rice; Sauces, stocks & stocks; Seafood;
Vegetables & fruits.

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Betty Saw's Ultimate Herbal Cookbook

Infusing traditions with intriguing new combinations, Betty Saw uses ingredients both conventional and unusual, to successfully create mouthwatering, nutritious dishes that bring all the wholesome benefits of Chinese herbs: improving blood circulation, relieving heatiness and restoring the strength and energy of women in confinement, among others.

Betty Saw's Ultimate Herbal Cookbook shows you how to blend the natural benefits of herbs and roots with the tastes of today, minus the fuss.

Using ingredients readily available from supermarkets and Chinese medical halls, these easy, straightforward dishes stay true to Betty Saw's trademark commonsense approach to cooking. "Heaty" and "cooling", yin and yang - the ingredients in each dish come together to achieve that perfect balance.

With additional information and suggested enhancements to the recipes from a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) expert, Betty Saw's Ultimate Herbal Cookbook will set you on the path to better health and vitality.

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Cheat Sheet

In 2012, noticing a growing foodie culture in Singapore, The Straits Times Lifestyle team decided to kickstart a new column to serve as a guide to the booming range of foodstuff, as well as the finer points of prepping and storing ingredients would be useful for readers. Since then, food consultant and author Chris Tan has written some 140 Cheat Sheets for The Straits Times. This book, Cheat Sheet: How To Navigate The Food World Like A Pro, compiles 60 of the best columns. Covering everything from pantry staples such as salt and eggs, beverages like milk and wine, to kitchen equipment like thermometers and whisks, each Cheat Sheet offers bite-sized pieces of information about everything you may find in your kitchen larder. 

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Cook Mee
Chefs and The Sunday Times’ food writers show you 60 ways to jazz up the humble packet of instant noodles. Conveniently divided into six parts with Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan, Asian and Western variations

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Dad & Co. - Recipes From The Family Kitchen

Two thousand years of Chinese kitchen-craft come alive in this eagerly awaited volume from renowned food writer Loh Hoong Kwan, bought to elegant fruition with his daughter, Pauline Dawn Loh.

From the elaborate creations of imperial palaces to the simple country cooking of their native Shunde province, Dad & Co. presents over 65 precious recipes culled from a lifetime of good eating and enthusiastic experimenting in the kitchen.

The rich tradition of Chinese cuisine comes vividly to life through their selection of delicate appetisers, flavourful soups, full-bodied banquet courses and sparkling desserts. With stories that speak of a lifetime spent in search of culinary excellence, Dad & Co. is an intimate guide to the treasures of the Chinese kitchen.

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Hunger Management

Tan Hsueh Yun is editor of the Life section of The Straits Times and The Sunday Times, and also writes about food.

This book is a collection of some of her favourite recipes from her fortnightly cooking column, Hunger Management, which has been running in The Sunday Times since 2008.

The self-confessed lazy cook likes to eat well without spending too much time in the kitchen, although she is sometimes guilty of gilding the lily too much. Mostly, though, her mantra is: Cook it fast, make it delicious, and let’s eat now.


“I have great respect for Hsueh. I consider her one of my makan gurus, and she is certainly one of my favourite makan kakis too. Her fun and eclectic cookbook is a compilation of carefully tested recipes that should take pride of place in any food lover’s kitchen. Intelligently written, the book is filled with comforting, easy-to-prepare recipes that you will have plenty of fun exploring.” —Ignatius Chan, owner, Iggy’s

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Just Good Food

It's bold, casual, satisfying - and packs a real kick.

Just Good Food by Guy Hoh is the book to delicious fare that's defined by fresh, seasonal ingredients, easy techniques and sensible measures.

Big on taste and style, Guy's cooking lends a contemporary flourish to classic dishes from Asia and the West. Brimming with matchless takes on pastas, soups and desserts, Just Good Food showcases his gift for unpretentious fare with fave recipes for Oxtail Stew, Thai-style Fried Snapper and Teriyaki Burger, among others.

Packed with essential tips and brilliant ideas for courses and wines, Just Good Food serves up elegance and hearty cooking in equal portions.

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Love, Food

Fresh, easy to cook and home-style delicious - Pauline Dawn Loh brings us great food that celebrates the act of cooking for our loved ones. From contemporary Asian favourites to French classics, Love, Food presents irresistible recipes for any moment of the day, whether it's a quick breakfast, hearty brunch or mouthwatering dinner treat.

Simplicity and innovation are the keynotes of these recipes, from mirin-marinated beef tenderloin smothered in wasabi mayonnaise - perfect for couch potatoes during the football session - to sambal prawns, nasi lemak and an elegant spinach quiche or pear chocolate tart.

Love, Food includes essential techniques, easy-to-follow instructions and time-saving kitchen tips, dispensed with Pauline's characteristic warmth and impeccable culinary sense. The perfect volume for cooking well and eating well. Love, Food will delight Pauline's many fans and make you fall in love with food all over again.

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