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$how Me the MONEY (Book 3) - Fighting Paralysis in a Market Meltdown and other curious facts
“An invaluable rudder for investors to overcome their fears and boost their conviction and courage to invest when, as they say, ‘there is blood in the streets’. Read it now, and re-read it again when the next crisis comes. It will be a good antidote to counter the paralysis of fear, for we can be sure that when that time comes, our resolve to invest will fall as fast as the market.” —David Gerald, President/CEO, Securities Investors Association (Singapore)
“Hooi Ling has the uncanny ability to write with impressive clarity and her hallmark brevity. … comprehensive, in-depth and objective analysis of the securities and investment instruments. I would highly recommend all and sundry who aspire to be an intelligent investor to read the latest book by Hooi Ling and all her earlier books.” —Robson Lee, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

$how Me The Money is a series about learning how to grow your money. Teh Hooi Ling brings to both layman and seasoned investor important economic concepts and the investment strategies of the world’s leading financial experts. Using real data, Teh shows how these strategies would have worked in the Singapore market over the years and signposts the lessons to be learnt and pitfalls to avoid.

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$how Me the MONEY Book 4 : Ideas and Philosophies to Navigate Life and the Markets
“Your articles have a good balance of keen analytics, observation and empathy for the failings of human nature.” —LOH CHIN HUA, CEO, Keppel Corp
“Hooi Ling’s column is a must read for fellow CFAs …given her depth and width of financial analysis.” —TAN CHIN HWEE, President, CFA Singapore $how Me The Money is a series about learning how to grow your money. Teh Hooi Ling brings to both layman and seasoned investor important economic concepts and the investment strategies of the world’s leading financial experts.

Using real data, Teh shows how these strategies would have worked in the Singapore market over the years and signposts the lessons to be learnt and
pitfalls to avoid. In $how Me The Money Book 4, the final book in the series, Teh talks about the randomness that accounts for success; the fairness or otherwise of lauding the
successful; the natural tendency to share our good fortune with the less fortunate; the impermanence of any condition; and the need to explore the purpose in life
in order to make a difference in our approach to it.

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Building A Business - The Secrets Shared!

Building A Business - The Secrets Shared! is a compilation of experiences and tips from 117 nominees of the 2009 Spirit of Enterprise Awards. Each year, the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE), a non-profit, donor-funded Institution of Public Character (IPC), gives out the Spirit of Enterprise Awards to deserving entrepreneurs and their companies. The nominee list for 2009 consists of 117 people, each with a story to tell. This book showcases these entrepreneurs, who possess unwavering resilience to grow their businesses and keep their dreams alive in this current unpredictable economic environment. Learn secrets of entrepreneurship and building a business, including:

  • The Attributes required
  • The Planning involved
  • How to keep your Customers
  • Staying Resilient
  • Being Ambitious and Innovative
  • The Importance of the Team

Building A Business - The Secrets Shared! is a must buy for all start-up entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneur's Blueprint

Entrepreneur's Blueprint tells the story of Singaporeans who took a chance and made a breakthrough. From incubation to globalisation, Entrepreneur's Blueprint takes you through the thrills and spills of making a business grow from an idea. The authors, entrepreneurs themselves, distil real-life stories of failure and success, from food and craft to leisure and information technology businesses, into insightful business lessons, easily applicable principles and practical advice for the new and would-be entrepreneur.

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Government in Business- Friend or Foe?
Government in Business – Friend or Foe? sets out the arguments for and against government involvement in business, a topic for debate that arises whenever there is an economic storm.Former Member of Singapore’s Parliament and top civil servant Lim Hwee Hua has used her active role in this perennial issue to show just how complex the arguments can be. She answers a list of recurring questions, dealing with the why, when, what and wherefore which public officials, managers of state-owned enterprises and businessmen will find useful when formulating policies, or in their dealings with one another. The numerous examples she cites from all over the world, of governments’ dreams and nightmares, illustrate factors peculiar to particular situations, but all raise degees of risk best resolved with honesty, particularly with regard to who benefits the most from a decision to get in or out. As Lim explains, the answer can sometimes come as a shock.

CONTENTS: Preface • 01 Safeguarding national interests • 02 Pursuing strategic goals • 03 Deciding when to enter the market • 04 Always a good reason but seldom an easy exit • 05 Government as fiscal manager and regulator • 06 Government as shareholder • 07 Avoiding moral hazards • 08 Asking the right questions • Epilogue • Endnotes • Index

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Heart Work 2 - EDB & Partners: New Frontiers for the Singapore Economy
This book chronicles this pioneering spirit of EDB, reflected in the efforts of generations of its officers. It includes essays by many former EDB officers who have gone on to contribute in other fields. ... It is important for Singaporeans to understand that our economic achievements have not been the result of natural advantages, but of farsighted thinking, hard work and determination in building our global competitiveness.

- Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore

Heart Work 2 continues the narrative from where Heart Work (published in 2002) leaves off, into the unfamiliar challenges that EDB encountered during the first decade of the 21st century, in its effort to chart new frontiers for Singapore's economic development.

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I'm The Boss! - 24 Real-life Success Stories

Hear from 24 of the 200 nominees in the Spirit of Enterprise Awards 2006, as they share about their journey to entrepreneurship: highs and lows, their experiences ad insights, shortcuts and pitfalls. Why did they even start on their venture? What kept them going? What plans do they have for the future?

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It's My Life! Passion, Faith, Action, Will,

More than 100 true stories from more than 100 entrepreneurs: what to do (and what not to do), what to say - to your banker, financier, partners, suppliers, staff, family, spouse, detractors - when they question, probe, criticise and run you down.

Who should buy this book? Everyone!

Why? Because everyone and anyone has the potential to be their own boss!

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Market Smart: How to Grow your Wealth in an Uncertain World
Within every market lies the opportunity to make money. Yet many investors still wonder why they keep getting blindsided by the market and end up losing money as a result. In Market Smart, veteran financial writer Goh Eng Yeow explains in simple language why even the smartest investors can screw up, how you can avoid common investment mistakes, and how to get rid of the biases that can cloud your investment decision-making processes.

He outlines some simple strategies which investors can easily adopt to grow their investment nest-egg without having to resort to complicated number-crunching and difficult-to-read reports.

These include sniffing out good investment opportunities, charting fund flows, tracking insider trades, as well as being aware of the out-sized role which dividends and share buybacks play in boosting stock prices. Market Smart is unique in offering a rare glimpse into the many hazards an investor may encounter in the market and how he can avoid them – covering topics such as the need to heed red flags hoisted by the Singapore Exchange, understanding accounting scams, identifying the threats posed by short-sellers and how to spot the next corporate bust-up.

Perceptive and thought-provoking, this book is a rich source of insights on the Singapore securities market from a passionate observer and participant.

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Naked Ambition - Corporate Animals Stripped Bare

Raven, termite, bee, ferret, viper, fox, mongoose, king cobra, pigeon, chimpanzee, dog, rat, rabbit, chameleon, turkey vulture, shark, tokay, borer, cat, lion - which animal are you? Or, perhaps more importantly, which animal is your boss, your mate, or your nightmare at work?

A tongue-in-cheek look at different personalties in the corporate world, Naked Ambition will keep you wondering what games are afoot where you work, and who's doing you in, even as you read.

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