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Government in Business- Friend or Foe?
Government in Business – Friend or Foe? sets out the arguments for and against government involvement in business, a topic for debate that arises whenever there is an economic storm.Former Member of Singapore’s Parliament and top civil servant Lim Hwee Hua has used her active role in this perennial issue to show just how complex the arguments can be. She answers a list of recurring questions, dealing with the why, when, what and wherefore which public officials, managers of state-owned enterprises and businessmen will find useful when formulating policies, or in their dealings with one another. The numerous examples she cites from all over the world, of governments’ dreams and nightmares, illustrate factors peculiar to particular situations, but all raise degees of risk best resolved with honesty, particularly with regard to who benefits the most from a decision to get in or out. As Lim explains, the answer can sometimes come as a shock.

CONTENTS: Preface • 01 Safeguarding national interests • 02 Pursuing strategic goals • 03 Deciding when to enter the market • 04 Always a good reason but seldom an easy exit • 05 Government as fiscal manager and regulator • 06 Government as shareholder • 07 Avoiding moral hazards • 08 Asking the right questions • Epilogue • Endnotes • Index

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Talk Money

Talk Money is a compilation of Lorna Tan's articles on personal finance which were published in the Invest section of The Sunday Times in 2007 and 2008.

It covers a wide range of personal finance topics from savings and insurance planning to stock investing and retirement. Written in an easy to understand manner, the book will appeal to anyone at any stage of his life cycle. The articles provide information on many finance-related issues and highlight the potential pitfalls of investing, as well as give tips on how we can stretch our dollars and invest to grow our nest eggs. The chapters are arranged to begin with financial topics that one is concerned when starting to earn a livelihood, then address those issues when starting a family, before ending with retirement.

Those who have enjoyed Lorna's articles every Sunday and those who have missed them would find this book a must-have.

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The Little Door To The New World: China - Singapore - India

The re-emergence of China and India will shape the 21st century and impact the lives of ordinary people at every level. What lies ahead? What can one do to be part of this frission, or will one be completely overwhelmed by this renaissance of the titans?

Alain Vandenborre re-examines the role of Singapore in this new world order and throws up thought-provoking views and interesting scenarios, drawing from his vast background in engaging with international, European, Chinese and Indian businesses.

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Top Secrets To Becoming An Entrepreneur

Top Secrets To Becoming An Entrepreneur gives you the tools you need to feel confident as you manage a new business. This handy reference book is an indispensable part of your entrepreneurial armour. Its is based on:

  • Planning not reaction 
  • Experience, not luck.

This book is rich in ideas. It will inspire you to find the right answers for the many issues you face as an entrepreneur. It presents you with options and methods that can help you in your approach to running a business, whether it is:

  • Knowing what it takes 
  • Getting started 
  • Managing and motivating staff
  • Providing excellent customer service 
  • Growing you business 
  • Avoiding mistakes 
  • Appreciating the benefits.

You will also find practical, commonsense solutions offered by handpicked entrepreneurs that will make decision-making easier.

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Entrepreneur's Blueprint

Entrepreneur's Blueprint tells the story of Singaporeans who took a chance and made a breakthrough. From incubation to globalisation, Entrepreneur's Blueprint takes you through the thrills and spills of making a business grow from an idea. The authors, entrepreneurs themselves, distil real-life stories of failure and success, from food and craft to leisure and information technology businesses, into insightful business lessons, easily applicable principles and practical advice for the new and would-be entrepreneur.

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I'm The Boss! - 24 Real-life Success Stories

Hear from 24 of the 200 nominees in the Spirit of Enterprise Awards 2006, as they share about their journey to entrepreneurship: highs and lows, their experiences ad insights, shortcuts and pitfalls. Why did they even start on their venture? What kept them going? What plans do they have for the future?

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It's My Life! Passion, Faith, Action, Will,

More than 100 true stories from more than 100 entrepreneurs: what to do (and what not to do), what to say - to your banker, financier, partners, suppliers, staff, family, spouse, detractors - when they question, probe, criticise and run you down.

Who should buy this book? Everyone!

Why? Because everyone and anyone has the potential to be their own boss!

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Naked Ambition - Corporate Animals Stripped Bare

Raven, termite, bee, ferret, viper, fox, mongoose, king cobra, pigeon, chimpanzee, dog, rat, rabbit, chameleon, turkey vulture, shark, tokay, borer, cat, lion - which animal are you? Or, perhaps more importantly, which animal is your boss, your mate, or your nightmare at work?

A tongue-in-cheek look at different personalties in the corporate world, Naked Ambition will keep you wondering what games are afoot where you work, and who's doing you in, even as you read.

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Socially Responsible & Sustainable

Socially Responsible & Sustainable looks at the CSR practices of 10 enterprises that have helped to distinguish themselves in the market for consumers, employees, investors, and in the community as socially responsible corporate citizens. They are local and foreign companies in Singapore, including publicly-listed companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with business in the following industries: manufacturing, hospitality, public transportation, energy, property development and management, and agri-business.

These company experiences show that, although their priorities and strategies may be different, they all leverage on their business strengths to achieve the same goal - to contribute to sustainable development and the well-being of their stakeholders and society as a shared responsibility.

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Simple Jack
Simple Jack is a collection of simple life stories, quotes and anecdotes from Jack Sim, the iconoclastic founder of World Toilet Organisation (WTO).

As Jack puts it, life is full of contradictions, and we are often unsure about ourselves. We all live in our own personal universe. We see the world from our own unique points of view. We have become a nation of reluctant conformists, yet we lack the courage to become innovators.

This book contains simple daily philosophies for us to cope with living in a confusing world. Through this book, Jack attempts to help us free ourselves from the prescriptive nature of society.

Simple Jack will be an interesting read for all and will be immensely useful to anyone struggling to discover their identity in this fast changing world.

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