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$how Me the MONEY (Book 3) - Fighting Paralysis in a Market Meltdown and other curious facts
“An invaluable rudder for investors to overcome their fears and boost their conviction and courage to invest when, as they say, ‘there is blood in the streets’. Read it now, and re-read it again when the next crisis comes. It will be a good antidote to counter the paralysis of fear, for we can be sure that when that time comes, our resolve to invest will fall as fast as the market.” —David Gerald, President/CEO, Securities Investors Association (Singapore)
“Hooi Ling has the uncanny ability to write with impressive clarity and her hallmark brevity. … comprehensive, in-depth and objective analysis of the securities and investment instruments. I would highly recommend all and sundry who aspire to be an intelligent investor to read the latest book by Hooi Ling and all her earlier books.” —Robson Lee, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

$how Me The Money is a series about learning how to grow your money. Teh Hooi Ling brings to both layman and seasoned investor important economic concepts and the investment strategies of the world’s leading financial experts. Using real data, Teh shows how these strategies would have worked in the Singapore market over the years and signposts the lessons to be learnt and pitfalls to avoid.

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$how Me the MONEY Book 4 : Ideas and Philosophies to Navigate Life and the Markets
“Your articles have a good balance of keen analytics, observation and empathy for the failings of human nature.” —LOH CHIN HUA, CEO, Keppel Corp
“Hooi Ling’s column is a must read for fellow CFAs …given her depth and width of financial analysis.” —TAN CHIN HWEE, President, CFA Singapore $how Me The Money is a series about learning how to grow your money. Teh Hooi Ling brings to both layman and seasoned investor important economic concepts and the investment strategies of the world’s leading financial experts.

Using real data, Teh shows how these strategies would have worked in the Singapore market over the years and signposts the lessons to be learnt and
pitfalls to avoid. In $how Me The Money Book 4, the final book in the series, Teh talks about the randomness that accounts for success; the fairness or otherwise of lauding the
successful; the natural tendency to share our good fortune with the less fortunate; the impermanence of any condition; and the need to explore the purpose in life
in order to make a difference in our approach to it.

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Market Smart: How to Grow your Wealth in an Uncertain World
Within every market lies the opportunity to make money. Yet many investors still wonder why they keep getting blindsided by the market and end up losing money as a result. In Market Smart, veteran financial writer Goh Eng Yeow explains in simple language why even the smartest investors can screw up, how you can avoid common investment mistakes, and how to get rid of the biases that can cloud your investment decision-making processes.

He outlines some simple strategies which investors can easily adopt to grow their investment nest-egg without having to resort to complicated number-crunching and difficult-to-read reports.

These include sniffing out good investment opportunities, charting fund flows, tracking insider trades, as well as being aware of the out-sized role which dividends and share buybacks play in boosting stock prices. Market Smart is unique in offering a rare glimpse into the many hazards an investor may encounter in the market and how he can avoid them – covering topics such as the need to heed red flags hoisted by the Singapore Exchange, understanding accounting scams, identifying the threats posed by short-sellers and how to spot the next corporate bust-up.

Perceptive and thought-provoking, this book is a rich source of insights on the Singapore securities market from a passionate observer and participant.

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RETIRE SMART: Financial Planning Made Easy
Following the success of her first two books, Talk Money and More Talk Money, financial journalist Lorna Tan is back with her third personal finance guide, this time focusing on retirement planning.

In this compilation of articles published from 2015 to 2017, The Sunday Times’ Invest Editor cuts through complex financial concepts, schemes and jargon to help the layman make sense of what is important for planning his financial future and growing his nest egg.

The timely topics covered include tips on making the most of the various Central Provident Fund schemes and enhancements, plugging gaps in one’s insurance coverage, and investing smartly without falling prey to scams. There are also sections devoted to legacy planning, credit and debt planning and consumer protection.

Suitable for both the fresh school graduate and the more seasoned investor, Retire Smart will empower them to take charge of their financial journey as they look ahead to retiring well.

The selection of articles includes:
• 10 ways to hack the CPF system
• $1m in CPF by age 65
• Your wealth and how to ‘trust’ it
• New grad? Never too early to think of retirement
• Deep in debt? There’s help
• When things get critical, how healthy is your plan?
• Lessons on bond investments
• Don’t rush into investments linked to virtual currencies

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Show Me the Money (Book 2)
$how Me The Money series, Teh brings us the tools and techniques of stock picking, stock valuation and portfolio management. She takes us behind the scenes to see how companies finance their growth and shows us how to spot signs of potential disaster. More importantly, this book shows us how to pick different stocks for different market cycles, when to sell and how to stay strong and keep herd mentality at bay!

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Small Change 2- Turning cents to Dollars
Goh Eng Yeow, author of the bestselling book SMALL CHANGE – INVESTMENT MADE SIMPLE, has written a second book to demystify investing and make it interesting to the layperson.

Magnus Bocker, CEO of the Singapore Exchange, says: “Eng Yeow has an unusual knack for offering simple solutions that get to the core of a difficult financial issue while cutting out distractions which could cloud judgment.” He adds, “Knowledge is power. Only when we are proactive in learning about investing, about our risk profile and the various investment products available, can we expect to make informed decisions on what we should or should not invest in. Prudent investing is for the long term and should be diversified to include stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, etc. I know that the mere mention of such jargon induces trepidation among some people. This isn’t helped by the fact that we live in an age where information is abundant and at times excessive. Sometimes, it is also difficult to navigate and know where to find the right investment information.”

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Small Change- Investment Made Simple
SMALL CHANGE : INVESTMENT MADE SIMPLE tells you how to grow your nest egg simply by adjusting your approach to making investments. Goh Eng Yeow, who has spent decades around financial markets and writing about investing, reveals why some people make millions while others fail badly; how financial disasters can be golden opportunities for those with the right attitude; and how to apply common sense in making investment picks.

In 30 incredibly easy-to-read chapters, we learn how to, among other things, get lucky by thinking positive; find your way out of a financial maze; adopt an investment strategy for all seasons; go on the trail of smart money. Also not to let emotions cloud your judgment; or to invest by numbers; or bank on the "greater fool" theory.

As Magnus Bocker says of this book, Goh Eng Yeow makes the important distinction between investing and speculating. This he does by using anecdotes including his own investment history. An inspirational book that can be read in one sitting, before making the next New Year's resolution on growing your money.

THE AUTHOR: Goh Eng Yeow, The Straits Times senior markets correspondent for almost three decades, also spent some years as a stock market dealer with Morgan Grenfell Asia Securities and did a stint as executive director in a public-listed company. For a while, he helmed the "Market Talk" column for US wires agency Dow Jones Newswires.
He has spent much of his life educating the investing public on financial literacy through his "Small Change" and "Cai Jin" columns in The Straits Times. In 2006, he was named the Best Financial Journalist of the Year by the Securities Investors Association of Singapore (Sias). Business Times, in writing about his award, observed that he was known to be a champion of minority shareholders. In 2013, he received the SIAS Outstanding Commentaries Award.

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Heart Work 2 - EDB & Partners: New Frontiers for the Singapore Economy
This book chronicles this pioneering spirit of EDB, reflected in the efforts of generations of its officers. It includes essays by many former EDB officers who have gone on to contribute in other fields. ... It is important for Singaporeans to understand that our economic achievements have not been the result of natural advantages, but of farsighted thinking, hard work and determination in building our global competitiveness.

- Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore

Heart Work 2 continues the narrative from where Heart Work (published in 2002) leaves off, into the unfamiliar challenges that EDB encountered during the first decade of the 21st century, in its effort to chart new frontiers for Singapore's economic development.

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Your First Million - Making It From Stock (Revised Edition)
Whether you are a novice share investor or a seasoned one, or a professional, YOUR FIRST MILLION - MAKING IT IN STOCKS by Dr Michael Leong, founder of online share investment portal ShareInvestor, will set you rethinking about these issues and many more concerning share investing. By the time you come to the end of the book, you will be convinced that you are your own best guru when it comes to share investment. And yes, you will be convinced too that you can make your first million in stocks, if you adopt the right approach.

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Building A Business - The Secrets Shared!

Building A Business - The Secrets Shared! is a compilation of experiences and tips from 117 nominees of the 2009 Spirit of Enterprise Awards. Each year, the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE), a non-profit, donor-funded Institution of Public Character (IPC), gives out the Spirit of Enterprise Awards to deserving entrepreneurs and their companies. The nominee list for 2009 consists of 117 people, each with a story to tell. This book showcases these entrepreneurs, who possess unwavering resilience to grow their businesses and keep their dreams alive in this current unpredictable economic environment. Learn secrets of entrepreneurship and building a business, including:

  • The Attributes required
  • The Planning involved
  • How to keep your Customers
  • Staying Resilient
  • Being Ambitious and Innovative
  • The Importance of the Team

Building A Business - The Secrets Shared! is a must buy for all start-up entrepreneurs.

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