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Good Grief! Everything I Know About Love, Life And Loss I Wish Somebody Told Me About Sooner
GOOD GRIEF!: Everything I know about love, life and loss
I wish somebody had told me sooner What else do you need to know about life?

Find out with one man’s stories of love, friendship and loss, the perils of parenthood, the pain of family squabbles, and a never-ending struggle to lose weight.

"With rare and refreshing candour, Alan shares very personal experiences that offer wise and illuminating insights on life. It is warm, witty and delightful. Readers will easily relate to his journey as a husband, father, son and friend.” —Constance Singam, Social activist and blogger

"What a wonderful potpourri about family, friendship, children,travelling, work and living a full life. At times sweet, occasionally
sad, it’s often very funny, wise, honest and deeply human. A highly recommended read!” —Tan Tarn How, Playwright and IPS senior research fellow

"Heartwarming, funny and authentic. I could not put it down once I started reading. It made me smile, laugh out loud and occasionally
sigh as I immersed in the stories I could identify with.” —Kanwaljit Soin, Former NMP and WINGS founding president

"Alan is not afraid to confront life honestly, and this collection of his writings reflects this brilliantly.”—Han Fook Kwang, Editor-at-large, The Straits Times

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GUILTY AS CHARGED: 25 Crimes That Have Shaken Singapore Since 1965

Murder. Dismemberment. A shooting. A stabbing. Cheating. Murder for gold bars. Murder for a Rolex. Murder.
This book recounts 25 infamous crime cases that have taken place in Singapore since 1965.

Some of the victims' names are still remembered today.

Jenny Cheok, 22, killed by her apparently devoted boyfriend Sunny Ang during a diving trip near the Sisters' Islands.
Nine-year-old Agnes Ng and 10-year-old Ghazali Marzuki, killed by self-styled medium Adrian Lim, his wife and his mistress.
Huang Na, nine, murdered at the Pasir Panjang Wholesale centre by vegetable packer Took Leng How.

Other cases include:

  • The tourist from hell, John Martin Scripps, who in 1996 killed South African tourist Gerard George Lowe
  • Chia Teck Leng, sentenced to 42 years in jail in 2004 for swindling four foreign banks out of S$117 million
  • The “One-Eyed Dragon”, gun-wielding gangster Tan Chor Jin
  • The Sunshine Empire scheme of 2006 that swindled ordinary Singaporeans out of nearly S$190 million
  • The killing of two-year-old Nonoi in 2006
  • The 2015 trial and conviction of Yap Weng Wah, who sexually abused about 30 boys in flats, a chalet and toilet cubicles over three years.

Guilty As Charged, which is edited by The Straits Times associate news editor Abdul Hafiz, is a detailed retelling of these 25 cases and the trials that followed, and is rich with photographs from The Straits Times archives.

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Hunger Management

Tan Hsueh Yun is editor of the Life section of The Straits Times and The Sunday Times, and also writes about food.

This book is a collection of some of her favourite recipes from her fortnightly cooking column, Hunger Management, which has been running in The Sunday Times since 2008.

The self-confessed lazy cook likes to eat well without spending too much time in the kitchen, although she is sometimes guilty of gilding the lily too much. Mostly, though, her mantra is: Cook it fast, make it delicious, and let’s eat now.


“I have great respect for Hsueh. I consider her one of my makan gurus, and she is certainly one of my favourite makan kakis too. Her fun and eclectic cookbook is a compilation of carefully tested recipes that should take pride of place in any food lover’s kitchen. Intelligently written, the book is filled with comforting, easy-to-prepare recipes that you will have plenty of fun exploring.” —Ignatius Chan, owner, Iggy’s

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I'd Say! (notebook)
Perfect for fans of Chee Chew and his Chew On It! comic strip in The Straits Times, this notebook offers a true slice of Singapore life, featuring situations familiar to everyone, such as tissue packet “chope-ing” at a hawker centre. Empty speech bubbles have been left for the user to write his own captions, while incurable list-makers will love the pages with headings like “I can’t stand people who....” and “I will learn how to...”. Guaranteed to keep the user busy for hours!

About the artist: Lee Chee Chew joined The Straits Times in 1988 and his first comic strip ran in August 1991. The award-winning artist was born in 1966.

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"India Rising describes key aspects of the country’s development in the last 10 years, expressing fresh hopes but also new fears under Modi. Each chapter cuts a different slice into the complex reality which is India. Like a CT scan, the slices combine to give the reader a composite sense of the unfolding Indian drama. Importantly for Asia, it also looks closely at the strategic sweet spot India has found itself in, wooed by every major power. India is too big to be ignored." — GEORGE YEO, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Singapore

"Insightful, accessible, thoughtful and entertaining — all at once. … To know what has brought India to this point, and its place in the world today, Velloor’s book is not only timely but essential." — ZOHER F. ABDOOLCARIM, Asia Editor, TIME

"With one fascinating story after another, Velloor lifts a veil on India’s complexities and makes it more comprehensible. He has provided an enjoyable path to understand the world’s fastest rising new great power." — KISHORE MAHBUBANI, Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and author of The Great Convergence: Asia, the West and the Logic of One World 

"Ravi Velloor’s connections in India gave him access into the Delhi Darbar that was the envy of foreign correspondents." — SANJAYA BARU, Director of Geo-Economics, IISS and author of The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh

In an Asia caught in rapid transition, no country is as fascinating to report on as India. Big, noisy, bulging at the seams, India’s economy and society move much like the traffic on a New Delhi road – states and sections of its people advancing at varying speeds and levels of discipline. For every high horsepower engine on the road, there is the cycle rickshaw and the humanly powered pushcart slowing movement and frustrating those who seek to travel more quickly. Meanwhile, a few nimble riders do weave ahead, often by breaking the rules of the road or fixing rules to their advantage. But behind its warts and obvious confusion, a pattern is discernible of an India that warrants optimism. This is the India of resilience, of improvisation, a nation of multiple ethnicities in 29 states jelling as one, even as they steadily and confidently embrace the world outside. … 

INDIA RISING tries to chronicle that India, alongside its convulsions. It is a collection of anecdotes and observations of the significant events that marked the decade of Congress Party rule under Manmohan Singh, culminating in the rise of Modi… It is built around the access the writer enjoyed with some of the key decision-makers of the time. It is targeted at the person who has a general idea of India, and perhaps is curious to know more. The reader is invited to begin anywhere, because the chapters are very nearly self-contained – like the traditional Indian village community that only needed to reach out of its territory for salt and matrimonial alliances.

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It Changed My Life
Inspiring real-life stories by The Straits Times Senior Writer Wong Kim Hoh about lives that have been dramatically changed by events, people or circumstances.

The story of turning the other cheek
Her nose was hacked off 25 years ago by a man wielding a cleaver. Her attacker also chopped off her ears, hewed her cheeks and blinded her in the right eye by pouring boiling water onto her face. “The nurses had to cover all mirrors and reflective glass in my ward. I was hysterical. When my son saw me for the first time after the attack, he screamed and ran away and said I was a ghost,” she recalls.

The story of piloting a nasi lemak business
He was unhappy when his dad asked him to give up his aviation dream. He relented after his father said: “If you go and pilot aeroplanes, who is going to pilot my stall?” Today, his nasi lemak is famous. The Sultan of Brunei requests his nasi lemak for breakfast each time he visits Singapore. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong served it to Indonesian President Joko Widodo when the latter visited the Istana.

The story of the girl with something special
Isabelle Lim weighs only 30kg, is deaf and has has just four fingers on each hand. She has Nager Syndrome – of which there are only 200 documented cases worldwide – and has undergone multiple operations.
... and many more stories that celebrate the human spirit, broaden the mind, encourage the weak and downtrodden, and instil greater hope and faith in the inner strength of humanity.

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Change comes slowly in Kyoto, a city of wooden houses, ancient temples and shops in business for centuries. Seeking relief from the rapid-fire modern world, travellers have been drawn to Japan’s old capital in growing numbers, propelling the city to the top of global traveller rankings.

Kyoto Unhurried is a resident’s introduction to the city, with a focus on lesser-known places and events, showing readers where to go at different times of the year.

In summer, sit down to a cold beer with a geisha. In winter, huddle with locals at a tiny 130-year-old restaurant and warm up with fishcakes simmered in a subtle broth.

Spring and autumn fill Kyoto with visitors in search of cherry blossoms and maple colours. Get the insider’s scoop on where you can enjoy both without being swept away by the stampede.

But this is more than a travel guide. Pulling present-day encounters together with tales of poets and samurai, Kyoto Unhurried charts an atmospheric journey through one of the
world’s most romantic cities. It does not simply tell travellers what to see; it shows them why in the first place they should go.

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Lee's Legacy
Compiled for the first time in Lee’s Legacy, this selection of incisive viewpoints displays a wide range of perspectives on Mr Lee’s contributions to Singapore and beyond, spanning the sustainability and applicability of the “Singapore model” to Mr Lee’s influence on the policies of foreign countries. The result is a thought-provoking anthology that presents a balanced overview of the complex and far-reaching legacy of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Book highlights
Interspersed with poignant photographs of a nation mourning as one, with scenes of the cortege as Mr Lee Kuan Yew makes his final journey around Singapore. Set against a backdrop of Singapore’s modern infrastructure, these pictures are testament to Mr Lee’s contributions to the nation-state.

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Life is a Mixtape

“This collection is a magnificent necklace, every article in it, a pearl. Ignatius embraces local life to the max, but keeps an eagle’s perspective. Jolting our memories at every turn, we will appreciate ourselves differently afterwards.” - Otto Fong, author, cartoonist, playwright and blogger

“From a flood of memories and pop culture commentaries to national issues, his essays are articulate, warm and relatable to the times that defined us. Re-reading his columns in this collection thrills like a long overdue meeting with a confiding friend. Insightful, occasionally poignant but never without humour. Life is a Mixtape is a charmer.” - Ng Peng Hui, managing director, Warner Bros Singapore

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LKY - Follow that Rainbow, Go Ride It
Follow that rainbow, go ride it. These are the words of Singapore’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, in a speech to the Singapore Press Club in 1996. Be inspired and get organised with this student’s workbook, which traces the different decades of Mr Lee’s life, his unshakeable priorities and values, and the bold goals he set himself. With thought-provoking articles and motivational activities, this book shows how you, too, can make the world a better place.

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