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¢± '¦ó What’s Inside the Red Box?
小红箱 大梦想 What’s Inside the Red Box?

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50 Things to Love about Singapore
As Singapore marks 50 years of independence, The Straits Times (ST) has put together a book about love. This intimate study of the things we know and love about Singapore is written by some of ST’s most authoritative beat reporters. It is a dossier of modern Singapore halfway through her first century, an often surprising composite portrait of the little quirks, incongruities and rhythms of life in Singapore, which we chortle, ruminate and worry over, with familial affection but sometimes also exasperation.

It delves into the ironies of nanny state policies and political instincts that die hard among rulers and ruled alike, pricey cars and real estate, a land-scarce city which prizes greenery to the point of fashioning vertical gardens, Singapore’s prowess at the most oddball sports and penchant for setting all manner of world records, her own brand of guided multi-racialism, her citizens’ preference to complain rather than protest, the fast-growing global cult that is Singapore maths, and the skilful codeswitching that makes it so natural for Singaporeans to eat across many cultural and culinary cost divides.But enduring love is not blind. The writers do not flinch from looking at where Singapore is showing her age and what she has had to leave behind in the quest for her next edge.There is much to love about Singapore at 50. But this has been no easy ask-noquestions, take-her-as-she-is love.

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Hot on the heels of the success of 50 Things To Love About Singapore, which sold over 10,000 copies, comes this updated and abridged
version in paperback.

50+ Things To Love About Singapore, edited by Susan Long and abridged by Linda Collins, welcomes you to a new view of Singapore, at 50.

It tells the quirky story of Singapore 50 years on, celebrating all its offbeat, unexpected and unheralded sides.

Prepare to be surprised as the best Straits Times writers such as political correspondent Rachel Chang and sports correspondent Rohit Brijnath give their fresh, witty insider takes on a country you thought you thought you knew so well.

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A Hakka Woman's Singapore Stories (Chinese)
出生在新加坡最显赫家族的李玮玲医生,从一个女儿、医生和爱国者 的角度叙述自己的人生,并以平易近人的笔触,探讨影响新加坡人的 种种课题。此书内容凸显了她的个性、专业、情感和执著,也反映了她 对人生、新加坡和世界、以及至亲和挚友的种种观察。书中根据不同的 主题组成章节,而后记则以六篇文章概括了两件对作者个人,甚至也对 新加坡人影响至深的事件:作者父母的逝世。
(一)自我>>>个人––大熊猫的女儿•拥有唐吉诃德的傻劲•让人受不了的精 英主义•不愿养尊处优•一个遵循佛法的无神论者•友情与孤独•外在美与内在 美•我是运动狂•我为什么选择单身•>>>家庭––欧思礼路的简朴生活•温馨而 快乐的生日•举家出游•父母的爱情故事•心疼母亲所受的苦•当逻辑在爱面前 崩溃•我的娘惹祖母•关于显龙的家书>>>学业和工作––父母从未给我压力•
虎妈式教育•我心目中最好的补习老师•所谓医者仁心•医疗体系助长的歪风 陋习•“人类最伟大的医院”没能教会我的事•医生不该走昂贵的捷径>>>与父 亲同行––与父亲同行•新加坡人到中国•不忘老朋友•蓦然想起沦陷岁月•经得 起时间考验的古老国度•华府寄简

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Ageing with Grace (Chinese) - Åt ¤ŒhKŒ
优雅老年:看护者完全手册》是一本全面的看护工作指南。它提 供实用方法、全面的信息与支援。身为一位看护者,你可以从 中更好地了解年长者目前所面对的问题,预见未来的挑战,并 为接下来的历程做好准备。年长者可以继续过着有意义和充实 的生活,而你也能安心的照顾亲人的需要。

• 超过40位医疗保健专业人员的献稿
• 管理年长者的慢性病、失智症、预防跌倒、疼痛治疗、慈怀护理,
• “贴士一览”:网罗重要资料
• 照片:明确说明如何一步一步进行运动、饮食计划、导尿管护理等
• 实用资源

[第1部: 预防性老年医学] 1 准备好迎接改变 | 1.1 为退休做好准备 | 1.2 财务管理|1.3 体检|1.4 注射疫苗 |1.5 预防跌倒 | 1.6开车与出行 || 2 身体健康 | 2.1 吃得健康 | 2.2 运动 | 2.3 骨骼与骨质疏松症 | 2.4 皮肤护理 | 2.5 口腔护理 | 2.6 足部护理 | 2.7 感官障碍 | 2.8 慢 性病 || 3 社交、心灵与心理健康 | 3.1 情绪 | 3.2心理 | 3.3 社交 | 3.4 心灵 | | 4 实用的文书项目 | 4.1 遗嘱 | 4.2持久授权书(LPA)| 4.3 预先医疗指示(AMD)| 4.4 预先护理计划(ACP) [第2部: 面临衰弱] 5 常见健康问题 | 5.1 失智症与谵妄症| 5.2 跌倒与 平衡感 | 5.3 尿失禁 | 5.4 慢性疼痛 || 6 看护工作重要事项 | 6.1 营 养 | 6.2 吞咽 | 6.3 药物管理 | 6.4 肠道护理 | 6.5 皮肤与伤口护理 ||7 入院与复健 | 7.1 降低功能退化风险 | 7.2 物理治疗 | 7.3 职能治 疗与家居改进 | 7.4 辅助器与仪器 || 8 居家护理 | 8.1 居家护理服务 | 8.2 舒缓看护者压力 [第3部: 生命终站] 9 重要事项 | 9.1 临终过程 | 9.2 人工营养与水分 | 9.3 疼痛与鸦片类止痛剂 | 9.4 看护者自我护理 || 10 临终关怀 | 10.1 临终关怀 | 10.2 临终前出院 | 10.3 弥留之际

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Big Hearts, Big Dreams stories of Singaporean of the Year nominees 2015-2016
Since 2015, The Straits Times has recognised unsung heroes and inspiring dreamers with the Singaporean of the Year award.

Supported by UBS Singapore, the annual award celebrates individuals who made headlines not because of their status or fame, but for their selfless acts of goodwill. It recognises the triumph of the human spirit, and the myriad ways in which common men and women can shape the lives of those around them for the better.

Big Hearts, Big Dreams gathers the stories of the 21 winners and nominees from the first two years of the award. Written by veteran journalist Wong Kim Hoh, each profile captures the determination and drive of those who have made an impact on the community.

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café | sg: A Cafe Lover’s Guide to Singapore
Singapore’s food scene is renowned for its raucous hawker centres and world-class gourmet restaurants, but in recent years it is its cosmopolitan café industry that has been charting a caffeine-fuelled course to take over the country. The island is now bursting at the seams with dozens of coffee spots, from gleaming industrial-chic java joints in the centre of town to hole-in-the wall hipster hangouts dotting nearly all residential neighbourhoods. Even the city’s local kopi stalwarts are enjoying a resurgence, with millennials newly discovering the coffee houses that once provided their grandparents with butter-enriched brews with which to wash down their kaya toast and eggs.

café | sg: A Café Lover’s Guide to Singapore, the first book of its kind here, offers a timely snapshot of this java zeitgeist sweeping the nation. This handy guide profiles 50 of the best-known and best-hidden cafés on the island, all providing their own java juices to make Singapore the city that never sleeps. Written by award-winning, coffee-loving young
journalists from The Straits Times newsroom, this volume is guaranteed to give readers a caffeine high. Accompanying the succinct but richly detailed descriptions of each café are artistic photos as well as helpful information such as price guides, websites, opening hours, addresses and walking directions from the nearest MRT station.

Published by Straits Times Press, café | sg: A Café Lover’s Guide to Singapore will be launched this year at the very first coffee-centric festival celebrating Singapore’s unique café culture.

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What has long seemed the province of science fiction is rapidly turning into reality. Intelligent robots, self-driving cars and automated homes are emerging into everyday life, bringing with them both excitement about the progress of humankind and uncertainty about its continued relevance and role in the future. Disruption: What Lies Ahead is a compilation of features, first published in The Straits Times – Singapore’s main English daily newspaper – between May and August 2016. It explores the trends that are fundamentally reshaping Singapore‘s economy, political landscape and way of life. 

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Foul! The Inside Story of Singapore Match Fixers
A few years ago, Fifa’s then head of security, Chris Eaton, announced that Singapore “(seemed) to have an academy of match fixers”. This was followed by Europol’s revelation that 680 football matches worldwide had been fixed with strong roots to a Singapore-based syndicate. Just who are these match fixers – or “Kelong Kings”, as they are locally known – whose deeds have placed Singapore on the world map for all the wrong reasons? Foul! The inside story of Singapore match fixers unveils the untold story of prominent Singaporean match fixers who have so boldly plied their trade on the international football scene.

How long will The Beautiful Game be tainted? Will the fight against match fixing ever be won?

This book will let you know the odds.

• a comprehensive, non-fiction account of the situation
• inner mechanisms of a match-fixing syndicate
• trade secrets and tricks on and off the pitch
• manifold layers of a dirty business steeped in violence and trickery
• assault, suicide, murder and other deadly repercussions
• undercover sting-ops by private investigators
• first-hand interviews with the infamous Wilson Raj Perumal and other local Kelong Kings of past and present
• official statements and action of local and international authorities
• current scoreline of the fight against match fixing

About the Author
Zaihan Mohamed Yusof is a senior correspondent with The New Paper. He has written over 140 investigative reports on global football match-fixing
syndicates. In the last two years, he has become one of the leading experts on the topic, particularly in Asia. His views have been sought after by international
publications and quoted in Al Jazeera, BBC, ESPN, The New York Times, Radio France, The Financial Times and AFP, to name a few. In 2012, he was awarded
Journalist of the Year and Story of the Year at the Singapore Press Holdings’ English/Malay Newspaper Division Annual Awards 2011.

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FRONT PAGE STories of Singapore since 1845
We come to know a people through their stories: Stories of
origin, adversity, failure and triumph. The daily newspaper
has been an enduring chronicle of such stories, both everyday
and extraordinary, that are close to people’s hearts and minds.
Singapore’s daily English-language newspaper, The Straits
Times, has been reporting these stories since 1845. It has
outlived empires and crises to offer readers a front-row seat
to events unfolding in Singapore and the world.
Front Page: STories of Singapore since 1845 mines the
170-year-old archives of The Straits Times for articles,
headlines and photographs, including never-before-seen
pictures, to tell the familiar story of Singapore in a fresh
way. It borrows its themes from sections of the newspaper
and looks to Singapore’s past to contemplate its present and
Step through the pages of The Straits Times to explore where
Singapore has been, how its people came to be who they are
today, and where the country is headed next.
Contents in this book was first featured in the exhibition
“Singapore STories: Then, Now, Tomorrow”

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