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Battle At the Red Cliff

Battle At the Red Cliff

Battle At the Red Cliff


Time: the third century Ad. The once-flourishing Han Empire has collapsed in the face of raging peasants rebellions. Warlords fight endlessly. Among them are three camps - the armies of overlord Cao Cao (Wei), imperial heir Liu Bei (Shu) and daring young Sun Quan (Wu). The scene is set for an intriguing era of turmoil - the Three Kingdoms (AD 220-280). These military giants wage an epic battle for territory and power, to be China's ultimate leader. The rivalry climaxes with the famed Battle of Red Cliff; a tiny force defeats huge numbers with brilliant strategy by a master tactician, laying the foundations for the three kingdoms that later arise.

In the Battle of the Red Cliff : A Guide to 'Three Kingdoms', respected author Li Lienfung imaginatively re-enacts Luo Guanzhong's semi-factual Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Key episodes (many adapted as operas) are described and analysed - not always conventionally - to reveal the strengths and flaws of each protagonist. Displaying her outstanding knowledge of Chinese literature, history and culture, she discusses little-known facts and the origins of many Chinese sayings, and offers fascinating insights, reconstructing a bygone age of heroes as never seen before, in the hope of inspiring readers to discover for themselves the incomparable colour of the original book.

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