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$how Me the MONEY Book 4 : Ideas and Philosophies to Navigate Life and the Markets
“Your articles have a good balance of keen analytics, observation and empathy for the failings of human nature.” —LOH CHIN HUA, CEO, Keppel Corp
“Hooi Ling’s column is a must read for fellow CFAs …given her depth and width of financial analysis.” —TAN CHIN HWEE, President, CFA Singapore $how Me The Money is a series about learning how to grow your money. Teh Hooi Ling brings to both layman and seasoned investor important economic concepts and the investment strategies of the world’s leading financial experts.

Using real data, Teh shows how these strategies would have worked in the Singapore market over the years and signposts the lessons to be learnt and
pitfalls to avoid. In $how Me The Money Book 4, the final book in the series, Teh talks about the randomness that accounts for success; the fairness or otherwise of lauding the
successful; the natural tendency to share our good fortune with the less fortunate; the impermanence of any condition; and the need to explore the purpose in life
in order to make a difference in our approach to it.

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Vintage Singapore: 1950s

Straits Times Press, in collaboration with Singapore Post, is launching Vintage Singapore: 1950s – the third of a series of exclusive postcard books featuring 20 iconic moments in mid 20th century Singapore. Only 2,600 of these limited edition Vintage Singapore: 1950s postcard books will be printed. The book contains 20 detachable postcards, each with local prepaid postage included. Mail them for free within Singapore. All images in the book were curated from Singapore Press Holdings’ extensive archives by Joyce Fang of The Straits Times Picture Desk.

Within the book are unforgettable vintage images of a bygone era. Take a peek at a time when people had to work hard for a living – from the weather-beaten coolies unloading goods from barges at Boat Quay, to the young shoeshine boy who scampers around Bras Basah Road in search of customers – and yet, found joy in the simple things: whether it be a cooling coconut drink on a hot day, or a short trip to the amusement centre at night.

Get glimpses of little-known scenes too, such as the hole-in-a-wall provision store, and snake charmers plying their trade. They reflect the special moments of the everyday Singaporean who lived in a decade when the country was emerging from colonial rule, enroute to self-governance.

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Wild Dogs In Bali - The Art Of Made Wianta

Unlike most old and modern masters, Made Wianta does not create drawings as a preparation for full-fledged paintings. His work on paper stands on its own and constantly stimulates his intellect and creative powers. Made Wianta's early drawings are technically very elaborate and draw on centuries-old Balinese beliefs and imagery. In the early seventies, Wianta freed himself from this overwhelming local influence and gave free rein to his imagination, which has been constantly fed by his own personal experiences and by more universal preoccupations.

Besides his drawings, Wianta has produced an extensive body of work consisting of paintings and installations. Surprisingly, in recent years his calligraphic paintings have been thoroughly influenced by his drawing practices, which makes Wild Dogs in Bali all the more fascinating.

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Southeast Asian Contemporary Art Now
Southeast Asia is the last frontier in contemporary art and one of the
least known art scenes today because its diversity and outstretched
territory make it difficult to access, analyse and assess.
Five years of travel, research and interviews have enabled the author
to give an extensive overview of the cutting-edge art practices in the
region, including painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography
and performance. An in-depth essay covers the situation of the art
scenes in the six selected countries and situates Southeast Asian
Contemporary Art in a global context.
Faithful to his signature method, the author has interviewed around
200 artists to come up with a final selection of 23. These artists have
been selected on the perceived quality of content and emotion that are
combined with the appropriate raw materials and the latest technology
in their artworks. It has been an explicit objective to cover most of the
media used by the artists from the region.
Vivid discussions with artists, art critics, gallery owners and leading
collectors have allowed the author to share and fine-tune his opinions.
Final artworks have been selected in collaboration with the artists, and
the interaction with them has enabled the author to unlock some of
the clues that allow the reader to better understand the content.
Outstanding digital technology applied to top-class high resolution
images has produced a unique presentation of an anthology of 91
artworks from private collections all over the world.

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