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Acne: Facts And Tips For Clean Skin

Acne: Facts And Tips For Clean Skin

Acne: Facts And Tips For Clean Skin

Pimples. Zits. Whatever you call them, acne is the most common skin complaint among us, especially with teenagers.

Apart from the pain and discomfort caused by pus-filled eruptions on the skin, sufferers of acne do not have an easy time, struggling with oily skin, deep scars caused by improper handling (picking and squeezing), and self-consciousness leading to poor self-esteem.

The doctors, medical social counsellors and skin disease experts of the National Skin Centre of Singapore have written this handbook specially for acne sufferers. Edited by Professor Goh Chee Leok and Dr Chua Sze Hon, this full colour edition addresses issues such as :

  • the nature of acne vulgaris
  • aggravating factors and associated conditions
  • types of scarring - box-car, rolling, keloidal, etc.
  • myths about acne
  • recommended treatments
  • conventional and alternative therapies
  • strategies for coping with the psychosocial aspects of the disease and the latest research findings.

Acne: Facts And Tips For Clean Skin is an invaluable guide for anyone suffering from acne.

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Extent 76pp
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Language English
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