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Show Me the Money (Book 1)

Show Me the Money (Book 1)

Show Me the Money (Book 1)
"Every investor owes it to himself and herself to think deeply on what it means to search for value when price grabs the headlines. Hooi Ling and SPH offer a tremendous service to all with this important series of books," —LIM CHOW KIAT, Group CIO, GIC

“Your articles have a good balance of keen analytics, observation and empathy for the failings of human nature.” —LOH CHIN HUA, CEO, Keppel Corp

“Hooi Ling’s column is a must read for fellow CFAs …given her depth and width of financial analysis.” —TAN CHIN HWEE, President, CFA Singapore

$how Me The Money is all about learning how to grow your money. In easy-tounderstand language, Teh Hooi Ling brings to both layman and seasoned investor important economic concepts and the investment strategies of the world’s leading financial experts.Using real data, Teh shows you how these strategies would have worked in the Singapore market over the years and signposts the lessons to learn and pitfalls to avoid. Given the cyclical nature of the market, the insights she shares are perennial gems. More than that, $how Me The Money teaches you how to invest in stocks that are most likely to grow in value, how to balance your portfolio so that you have little to fear whatever happens in the market, and how to be ready for the next bull market.

CONTENTS: Basic Concepts: A board game that reflects the real world • Don’t be fixated on high returns • Why we ignore, overlook or underestimate risks • Living with risks in a random world • A key life skill that schools don’t teach The Numbers: Wise investors let compounding work its magic • Getting good returns without too much risk • Balancing the amount of liquidity held • Watch the PE when valuing a company • In buying low PE stocks, beware of value trap • Price-to-book worth a look • Gems amid poor market sentiment • Dividends do grow faster than inflation • Taking a long-term view pays Market Timing: How to win at a winning game • Time the market based on valuations, not news flows • Charting stock performance Asset Allocation: Diversified versus focused approach to investing • Debunking the “safe instrument for retirement” myth • A portfolio that lets you sleep at night • How profitable is a bullet-proof portfolio? • Spread funds over different asset classes • Of cash, gold and stocks • Taking the measure of real private property price rises • Stocks outpace property market since the global financial crisis • Equities: an ugly asset that’s here to stay Macro Concepts: A matter of yields • Brace for poor returns as inflation rises • A history of market bubbles and crashes • Six questions to consider before investing • How money grows in Singapore • Putting in perspective the interest in rates Market Valuation: Property bubble? Read the numbers • Stock returns in a slowgrowth world • The role of forex in stock investing Psychology of Investing: Insights into successful investing • Stock investing: It’s all about the process Financial Instruments: In Reits we trust? • The Reit myth busted • The pros and cons of rights issues in Reits • Time to tighten rules for business trusts? • Preference shares: are they to be preferred? • Choosing funds that outperform markets • Not all ETFs are created equal • “Toxic convertibles” hit Chinese firms

THE AUTHOR: Teh Hooi Ling is Head of Research and Executive Director of Aggregate Asset Management, a Singapore registered fund manager that runs a no-management fee Asia value fund. Prior to this, Teh had an illustrious 22-year career in journalism at The Business Times, a newspaper of the leading media organisation Singapore Press Holdings.
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