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We also served-Reflections of Spore's former PAP MPs
“MPs are important actors in determining Singapore’s history. I encourage all MPs, including those who oppose the PAP, to give their accounts of the past. They will give a multidimensional view of past events and provide richness and texture to the story.” — Lee Kuan Yew

“I expect our book to do two things. First, to inform, and second,to inspire, the younger generation of Singaporeans, including new Singaporeans. They will know something of the two generations of political leaders in the first 40 years of independence. We can hope that a few of these Singaporeans will seek the mandate from the people, so that they will continue to lead our country into the future.” — Chiang Hai Ding

For the first time, 25 People’s Action Party former MPs tell how they became involved in politics, what they did as politicians, what they felt and wished for Singapore. They are former ministers and other office holders to backbenchers. Some served five terms, totalling over two decades, and some one term of four or five years. These are stories of ordinary people who served in unusual times and achieved extraordinary results for Singapore. Some are of very humble origin or have little formal education. Some served in the crucial decade, 1955 to 1965, during the birthing of the new nation, when the political outcome of their struggle could have gone against them, and they would have paid a heavy price for their convictions. Most served when that new nation started out on the long road to nation-building, during the decades of rapid social and economic change, when they had to convince their fellow citizens to make the necessary changes for independent Singapore to survive and progress. Most were not prepared for the tasks they had to undertake.

CONTRIBUTORS: 1 The branch secreta ry Chor Yeok Eng, 1959–1984 • 2 The was herwoma n’s son Ho See Beng, 1963–1984 • 3 The trade union lea der Mahmud Awang, 1963–1968 • 4 The “orang laut” Othman Wok, 1963–1980 • 5 The coffeeshop “boy” Teong Eng Siong, 1963–1979 • 6 The artist Ho Kah Leong, 1966–1996 • 7 The first Malay graduate MP SHA’ARI TADIN, 1968–1980 • 8 The historian Chiang Hai Ding, 1970–1984 • 9 The Rhodes Scholar Tan Eng Liang, 1972–1980 • 10 The Nantah pioneer Chai Chong Yii, 1972–1988 • 11 The self-made man Sidek Saniff, 1976–2001 • 12 The football mediator Teo Chong Tee, 1976–1996 • 13 The chemical engineer Bernard Chen Tien Lap, 1977–2001 • 14 The man with a godfather Rohan Kamis, 1979–1984 • 15 The industrial doctor Chau Sik Ting, 1980–1984 • 16 The Administrative Officer Othman Haron Eusofe, 1980–2006 • 17 The leadership trainer Saidi Shariff, 1980–1984 • 18 The teacher Wan Hussin Zoohri, 1980–1991 • 19 The political reporter Goh Choon Kang, 1984–2001 • 20 A woman in the House again Dixie Tan, 1984–1991 • 21 The country boy Wang Kai Yuen, 1984 –2006 • 22 The Political Secretary Zulkifli Mohamed, 1984–1996 • 23 The head prefect Lew Syn Pau, 1988–2001 • 24 The ENTREPRENEUR R. Sinnakaruppan, 1991–2001 • 25 The cardiologist Michael Lim Chun Leng, 1991–2006

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Men In White - The Untold Story Of Singapore's Ruling Political Party

Men In White is the inside story of one of the world’s most successful political parties. Narrated in three parts, it is oral history spun in a journalistic mode and spiced unapologetically with anecdotes, quotes and human interest to breathe life into past events. Three writers from The Straits Times backed by four researchers conducted some 300 interviews in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. The result is a dramatic account of the PAP – warts, blemishes and all – and of the pivotal moments in its history which changed the course of Singapore forever.

PART ONE tells how a Cambridge-educated lawyer and his anglicised associates collaborated with radical Chinese-speaking trade unionists to drive out the British colonialists and how they fought each other to the bitter end.

PART TWO captures the agonies of leadership renewal and charts the ascent of Goh Chok Tong who succeeded Lee as the second prime minister. It ends with Lee Hsien Loong taking over from Goh in 2004 and leading the party to victory in the 2006 polls.

PART THREE wraps up the PAP story by delving into the key principles that characterise Singapore governance and concludes with the intriguing poser: Will PAP outlive LKY?

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Pioneers Once More

This book is the first about the Singapore Public Service as a whole, and tell the story of the Public Service from the time Singaporeans took over the reins of self-government from the British in 1959. It is written from the perspectives of the men and women who make up this institution.

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50 Greatest Moments in Singapore Football
50 Greatest Moments in Singapore Football will be a catalyst for family and friends to reminisce on a key aspect of our past. It should inspire a future generation of players to serve with pride and distinction.— Teo Chee Hean, President, Singapore National Olympic Council From the glory days of the Malaysia Cup to the current Malaysian Super League featuring the LionsXII, The New Paper has covered i t a ll. In fact, no newspaper has given as much coverage on Singapore’s own domestic league, the S-League. So when the Legion of Lions, helmed by Leong Kok Fann, Lau Kok Keng and Ian Mullane, was looking to produce a book on the greatest moments in Singapore Football history, they naturally came to The New Paper to bring it to life. 50 Greatest Moments in Singapore Football pays homage to the homegrown football warriors who have given Singapore much to be proud of over the years. A slice of history plus more than 50 essays: The project team pored over SPH’s newspapers from Singapore’s pre-independence years to the present. They took on board the views of football fans and the players themselves.
After much debate, they came up with these 50 Greatest Moments. Every one of them is supported by photographs, headlines, news clippings – and a completely new essay that tells the story behind it all. Fresh interviews were conducted, and new facts emerged from the players, coaches and fans: the very moment a spectacular goal was scored, or one missed; the legendary coaches; even the referees.

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The Illustrated Men In White

This is for teens, the time-strapped fans of graphic novels and all who love a good real-life story.

The tales here of power, struggle and betrayal were inspired by the best-selling Men in White. They were picked because they captured the imagination of The New Paper team behind The Illustrated Men In White.

The graphic novel begins at the close of World War II. And stops at 1961, just before the familiar story of merger and separation begins. Years packed with the passion of the key players, the sacrifices for a larger cause, the ideals and realpolitik.

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The Journey - Singapore's Land Transport Story

Real stories. Real life in Singapore.

Ordinary Singaporeans speak in The Journey, the first major book on Singapore's land transport story. The Journey covers the entire transport tapestry from road to rail, past, present and future. Transport policy can shape a nation, its people, physical appearance and economy... Singapore is no exception. The fast-moving and efficient style that Singapore has made its own owes much to the painstaking work of transport planners, and to their early embrace of technology and innovative ideas.

From the colonial days when road-building was a heroic endeavour conducted in the face of tigers and impenetrable jungles, through the glory days of the Public Works Department's ventures with its bridges and expressways, to the high drama of the "Great MRT Debate" of the 1970s and 1980s, and the strategic planning of the Land Transport Authority since 1995, The Journey is a riveting saga of a nation's emergence into the mordern world.

The Journey tells the story of how a derelict bus service riddled with gangsters was dragged towards a modern management style and service ethic that now provides commuters with air-conditioned buses and on-board televisions. And there is the ongoing wonder of deep-tunnelling for the underground MRT amid a low water table and historic city precincts replete with heritage buildings.

Here too is the nitty-gritty of how Singapore grapples with the challenges of a tiny but discerning market that swings perpetually between the need for centralised economics of scale and privatisation to simulate transport excellence. Finally, a glimpse of an extraordinary vision of the future is offered, as Singapore moves towards a world-class land transport system.

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Singapore Places its Bets (buy direct from

Singapore Places its Bets sketches out some of the transformative bold changes that have occurred in Singapore society since the late 1990s. It focuses on Singapore’s ambitious efforts to re-orient its economy to take on the challenges thrown up by the competitive pressures of globalisation, and how in the process it has had to “remake” itself. The advent of casinos is a part of that remaking process. Once repeatedly rejected by a socially conservative government that has ruled the city-state since its independence in 1965, casinos, as part of two “integrated resorts”, will now become a fixture of the Singapore landscape. The likely economic benefits and social consequences of casino gambling in a densely populated city-state are examined at length. Singapore’s relatively liberal policy of allowing foreign nationals to live, study, work and take up permanent residency and citizenship will also be scrutinised largely in terms of its impact on social cohesion and national identity. Have the transformative economic and social changes that have occurred in a small country over such a short space of time, and at such breakneck speed, unwittingly morphed it from being a nation-state to being purely an economic entity? This book will provide a few answers to that and other questions.

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Airfreight Forwarding

For the first time, there is now a text that encompasses all you need to know about airfreight forwarding. This book, written specifically on air cargo, provides a comprehensive framework of the concepts and applications involved in airfreight, including the latest information on pricing, regulations, handling procedures and modern equipment such as aircraft, containers and materials handling equipment.

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Airfreight Forwarding will give practitioners all-round knowledge of current, practical, hands-on field applications, while keeping them in touch with real-life practices. It is specially tailored for airfreight industry personnel, including shippers from industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, flowers and live tropical fishes.

The book includes topics such as :

  • the roles of government agencies and associations in the industry
  • manuals and guidelines for different types of cargo, including livestock, dangerous good and perishables
  • functions of airlines' ground handling agents
  • free trade zones, cross docking (consolidation, break-bulk, mixing)
  • types of aircraft, containers and materials handling equipment
  • import/export declarations and prohibited goods
  • preparation of air waybills and calculation of freight rates
  • the internet and its facilitation of e-commerce

Readily understood and easily put into practice, this book commissioned by the Singapore Logistics Association is the ideal reference or textbook for the practitioner, student and layperson.

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The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Multimodal Transport

Logistics providers often use ships, trucks and aircraft in different combinations when a destination cannot be reached by a single mode of transport alone. Now, here is a complete reference to multimodel transport: regulations and conventions, liability and insurances issues, special project transport operations and the alternatives when plans fail due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Multimodal Transport is specially written for freight forwarding personnel and those joining the industry, and also serves as a useful guide to anyone who needs to arrange transport for shipments. It provides comprehensive information on current practices, along with real-life case studies to illustrate actual field applications.

The book includes topics such as:

  • liability of the multimodal transport operator and its limits
  • combinations of transport modes (sea-air, air-road, piggyback, land-sea-land, among others)
  • special transport operations (delivering power plant equipments, helicopters, household goods)
  • insurance issues and excluded perils
  • thinking in alternatives - what happens when there is a strike or port congestion?
  • the  conventions and regulations in force today
  • documentation (bill of lading, FIATA transport documents, air waybill, sea waybill)
  • the role of ASEAN

Commissioned by the Singapore Logistics Association, The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Multimodal Transport is the ideal reference or textbook for the practitioner, student and layperson.

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The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Safety And Security

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, stunned the world into looking at the issue of security much more seriously. No longer is supply chain security just about controlling theft - the supply chain can be made use of by terrorists and other undesirable elements. In this comprehensive guide for practitioners to the best practices in safety and security, you will learn how to prevent such undesirable elements from exploiting weakness in any of the links in your supply chain . This book provides extensive insights into the subject of safety and security, and is a good quick read for anyone trying to come to grips with one of the greatest challenges of our times.

The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Safety And Security leaves no stones unturned on the issue of supply chain security. The tips are very practical and the "must-get-it-rights" are clearly signposted. It includes a discussion on the nature of terrorism, counterterrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

This book encompasses topics such as:

  • International, national and industry security initiatives
  • Personnel security and pre-employment screening
  • Documentation processing and procedural security
  • Cargo and conveyance security
  • Incident management
  • Managing investigation
  • Emergency  management
  • Security education and training

Commissioned by the Singapore Logistics Association, The Practitioner's Definitive Guide: Safety And Security  is the ideal reference or textbook for the practitioner, student and layperson.

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