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Singapore Olympians : the Complete Who's Who 1936 - 2004

Singapore's sporting talents have represented our island at the Olympics since 1936. Many have been hailed as champions, and have become households names. Many were stars in more than one sport.

Now, for the first time ever, here is a reference book documenting the personal and competitive experiences of Singapore's 147 Olympians, on their journey to one of the greatest achievements in the sporting arena.

Take a look at their best and worst moments, their highs and lows. Feel the adrenaline of their training sessions, as every drop of perspiration brings them closer to the Olympics. Trace their path to Olympic status, as they overcome personal demons on the way to becoming heroes and icons.

This book is a record of the challenges that span generations. The stories that emerge represent lasting milestones to inspire Singapore's sporting youth, and are invaluable to anyone who wants to keep the Olympic flame burning.

Singapore Olympians incorporates fact and commentary, in the words of experts and Olympians themselves. It is a must-have for schools, tertiary institutions, libraries, sports patrons, sports enthusiasts and all aspiring young talents.

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Singapore Places Its Bets - Casinos, Foreign Talent And Remaking A City-State

Singapore Places Its Bets sketches out some of the transformative bold changes that have occurred in Singapore society since the late 1990s. It focuses on Singapore's ambitious efforts to re-orient its economy to take on the challenges thrown up by the competitive pressures of globalisation, and how in the process it has had to "remake" itself. The advent of casinos is a part of that remaking process. Once repeatedly rejected by a socially conservative government that has ruled the city-state since its independence in 1965, casinos, as part of two "integrated resorts", will now become a fixture of the Singapore landscape.

The likely economic benefits and social consequences of casino gambling in a densely populated city-state are examined at length. Singapore's relatively liberal policy of allowing foreign nationals to live, study, work and take up permanent residency and citizenship will also be scrutinised largely in terms of its impact on social cohesion and national identity. Have the transformative economic and social changes that have occurred in a small country over such a short space of time, and at such breakneck speed, unwittingly morphed it from being a nation-state to being purely an economic entity? This book will provide a few answers to that and other questions.

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