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Government in Business- Friend or Foe?

Government in Business- Friend or Foe?

Government in Business- Friend or Foe?
An excellent and balanced analysis of the often debated role of governments in private enterprise.
—Henry R Kravis, Co-Chairman & Co-CEO, KKR

A must-read for legislators and policy advisors as well as the broader community who take an interest in good economic development policy.
—Hon. Mark Vaile AO, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Australia

There is no one better placed than Lim Hwee Hua to tease out the policy issues and practical questions which arise when government plays a role in business. Government in Business – Friend or Foe? will be an important contribution to a debate of vital concern to both businesses and to governments across the world.
—Sir Henry NL Keswick, Chairman, Jardine Matheson Holdings

Hwee Hua does an exceptional job detailing the benefits and pitfalls of government involvement in private enterprise. An important read for those considering the right balance for government’s involvement in economic development.
—James S Turley, Chairman & CEO, Ernst & Young (2001–2013)

Government in Business – Friend or Foe? sets out the arguments for and against government involvement in business, a topic for debate that arises whenever there is an economic storm.Former Member of Singapore’s Parliament and top civil servant Lim Hwee Hua has used her active role in this perennial issue to show just how complex the arguments can be. She answers a list of recurring questions, dealing with the why, when, what and wherefore which public officials, managers of state-owned enterprises and businessmen will find useful when formulating policies, or in their dealings with one another. The numerous examples she cites from all over the world, of governments’ dreams and nightmares, illustrate factors peculiar to particular situations, but all raise degees of risk best resolved with honesty, particularly with regard to who benefits the most from a decision to get in or out. As Lim explains, the answer can sometimes come as a shock.

CONTENTS: Preface • 01 Safeguarding national interests • 02 Pursuing strategic goals • 03 Deciding when to enter the market • 04 Always a good reason but seldom an easy exit • 05 Government as fiscal manager and regulator • 06 Government as shareholder • 07 Avoiding moral hazards • 08 Asking the right questions • Epilogue • Endnotes • Index
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