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¢± '¦ó What’s Inside the Red Box?
小红箱 大梦想 What’s Inside the Red Box?

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10 Sleepless Sheep For Woolly Nights

Having trouble getting to sleep? You can count on these wacky sheep - literally - as they go about doing what they do best - helping you sleep! A charming and fun bedtime counting book for young children.

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48 Values From The News: The Straits Times Guide To Building Character
Study the highs and lows of the human condition using stories which make the headlines. This book highlights how the newspaper can be used in the classroom to teach values such as acceptance, compassion, loyalty, integrity, resilience and sportsmanship, among others. Its creative ideas, based on news articles, infographics, photos and comics, will prompt students to reflect on their relationships and choices, and help them gain a better understanding of their emotions, as well as who they are in relation to their schools, families and communities.

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A Blue Cat's Tale

Max has just moved to new home, but all the other cats are afraid of him because he's blue! Follow Max around his new neighbourhood as he tries to find a friend. Illustrated with beautiful jewel-like paintings by Singapore artist Michelle Chang.

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Curse Of The Viking Sword

When a dreary holiday in Ireland takes an unexpected turn, 12-year-old Tom and his sister and cousin find themselves in the mist of an exciting and dangerous adventure. Exploring the deep underground tunnels - a relic from Viking invasions hundreds of years ago - they soon find out that there may be more in the tunnels than they bargained for...

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Eureka! Lessons From The News - Great Innovators

This book is uniquely positioned to provide lesson material in line with the 5 Core Competencies of the Ministry of Education's Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programme - Self Awareness, Self Management, Relationship Management Skills and Responsible Decision Making.

Eureka! contains eight inspirational stories on famous innovators from various social and cultural backgrounds, supplement with activities formulated to give children a deeper understanding of moral values.

Eureka! is fully coloured and beautifully illustrated, and is written by LRD's resident teacher-journalist to suit children aged 7 and above. To help young leaders through the the character-building lessons in the book, Dot characters highlight key points in the story and guide them through the activities in each chapter. The eight dots are:

  • Persevering Dot - The Wright Brothers, who invented the first plane after many trials and errors. 
  • Determined Dot - Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone after decades of experiments and research. 
  • Purposeful Dot - Samuel Morse, who developed an efficient code of communication for the telegraph.
  • Adventurous Dot - Ferdinand Magellan, who led an expedition to the Spice Islands.
  • Creative Dot - Michelangelo, the renowned Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet and engineer.
  • Resilient Dot - Marie Curie, who overcame poverty and social prejudice to become a two-time Novel laureate.
  • Motivated Dot - Louis Braille, who devised a system of writing for the blind.
  • Innovative Dot - Dr Yoshiro Nakamatsu, who has over 3,200 inventions to his name.

Each story helps explain abstract moral values to children by showing them how these values were put into action, and lets them discover how displaying these virtues can benefit themselves and others.

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FROM KID TO KING - The Joseph Schooling Story
This is a story of a young boy named Joseph, whose love for water ignites his passion and desire to be an Olympic gold medallist in swimming.
Despite the hardships, challenges and failures he encounters along the way, Joseph eventually achieves his dream, even beating his childhood hero American swimmer Michael Phelps
at the competition.

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I Don't Want Mei Mei Anymore!

Mark has a baby sister, Mei Mei. One day, Mark gets so mad with her, he decides he doesn't want Mei Mei anymore! That night, the children have an amazing adventure and Mark gets a chance to exchange Mei Mei for another baby. He picks different baby animals but each is just not right. Will he find the perfect baby?

"I Don't Want Mei Mei Anymore!" was among the shortlisted works for the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2011. The Hedwig Anuar Children's Book Award is presented biennially for an outstanding book for children written by a Singaporean or PR.

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Like Fins For Feet

One day you awake to find a Blue Whale in your room. It's no different from the wind blowing a moth or a paper bag across your path. Once you get over the whaleness of the moment, your day goes on, like it did yesterday, and most likely, like it will tomorrow. Today however.....

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Little Blue

When a tragic accident robs Tsubomi of her best friend, her world falls apart. But with the help of her new friend Captain Flyham, she is able to overcome her loss and continue her dream of flight. A story about friendship and hope.

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