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Simple Jack
Simple Jack is a collection of simple life stories, quotes and anecdotes from Jack Sim, the iconoclastic founder of World Toilet Organisation (WTO).

As Jack puts it, life is full of contradictions, and we are often unsure about ourselves. We all live in our own personal universe. We see the world from our own unique points of view. We have become a nation of reluctant conformists, yet we lack the courage to become innovators.

This book contains simple daily philosophies for us to cope with living in a confusing world. Through this book, Jack attempts to help us free ourselves from the prescriptive nature of society.

Simple Jack will be an interesting read for all and will be immensely useful to anyone struggling to discover their identity in this fast changing world.

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Your First Million - Making It From Stocks

Whether you are a novice share investor or a seasoned on, or a professional, Your First Million - Making It In Stocks by Dr Michael Leong, founder of online share investment portal Share Investor, will set you rethinking about these issues and many more concerning share investing. By the time you come to the end of the book, you will be convinced that you are your own best guru when it comes to share investment. And yes, you will be convinced too that you can make your first million in stocks, if you adopt the right approach.

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