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One Man’s View of the World (Paperback edition)

With over 100,000 copies sold in hardcover since its publication in 2013, the geopolitical insights of Singapore’s late founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew are as trenchant and relevant as ever amid the societal and political upheavals of today.

Now released in paperback, One Man's View of the World features a new postscript by The Straits Times editor-at-large Han Fook Kwang, reflecting upon the changes that have unfolded since Lee first made his incisive observations.

In this book, Lee draws on that wealth of experience and depth of insight to offer his views on today’s world and what it might look like in 20 years. In this broad-sweep narrative that takes in America, China, Asia and Europe, he parses their society, probes the psyche of the people and draws his conclusions about their chances for survival and just where they might land in the hierarchy of tomorrow’s balance of power. What makes a society tick? What do its people really believe? Can it adapt?

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50 Greatest Moments in Singapore Football
50 Greatest Moments in Singapore Football will be a catalyst for family and friends to reminisce on a key aspect of our past. It should inspire a future generation of players to serve with pride and distinction.— Teo Chee Hean, President, Singapore National Olympic Council From the glory days of the Malaysia Cup to the current Malaysian Super League featuring the LionsXII, The New Paper has covered i t a ll. In fact, no newspaper has given as much coverage on Singapore’s own domestic league, the S-League. So when the Legion of Lions, helmed by Leong Kok Fann, Lau Kok Keng and Ian Mullane, was looking to produce a book on the greatest moments in Singapore Football history, they naturally came to The New Paper to bring it to life. 50 Greatest Moments in Singapore Football pays homage to the homegrown football warriors who have given Singapore much to be proud of over the years. A slice of history plus more than 50 essays: The project team pored over SPH’s newspapers from Singapore’s pre-independence years to the present. They took on board the views of football fans and the players themselves.
After much debate, they came up with these 50 Greatest Moments. Every one of them is supported by photographs, headlines, news clippings – and a completely new essay that tells the story behind it all. Fresh interviews were conducted, and new facts emerged from the players, coaches and fans: the very moment a spectacular goal was scored, or one missed; the legendary coaches; even the referees.

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Dr Lee Wei Ling, scion of Singapore’s first family, writes about her life as a daughter, doctor and diehard Singaporean. This book addresses a range of matters affecting Singaporeans in a personal way. It reflects her personality, profession, relationships, passions and perspective of life, Singapore and the world, and her loved ones. The chapters are grouped thematically and are capped by an epilogue of six articles which encapsulate the two events that had a major impact on the writer, and resonated deeply with Singaporeans: the passing of her parents.

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Battle for Merger

The Battle for Merger charts the crucial years of 1961–1962, when the PAP government was in a precarious position and the future of Singapore was hanging in the balance. This commemorative book retains the authenticity of the transcripts of Lee Kuan Yew’s twelve radio talks and appendices, which are exact reproductions of the original 1962 edition. Complete with nostalgic photographs of historical events as well as painstaking reproductions of secret letters and codes, this book also includes new material to give a comprehensive coverage on the intriguing subject of merger between Singapore and Malaysia.

This publication contains the following:

1. A new message from Lee Kuan Yew that reveals the former prime minister’s hindsight on merger
2. A comprehensive essay by Associate Professor Albert Lau that provides the historical background to merger
3. Concise notes to key players, places and events
4. MP3 audio recordings of the twelve radio talks in English, Mandarin and Malay

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Be At The Table or Be On The Menu A Singapore Memoir
Picks up where Prof Jayakumar's book Diplomacy left off. It gives the broad range of his experience as an academic and Dean in the Law Faculty, as Singapore's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and as a Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Senior Minister in the Singapore Cabinet, serving alongside Prime Ministers Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong. The book also offers rare glimpses of the child and the student that perhaps hinted at his future roles. This part of the book will surprise even those who think they knew him well.

The book's subtitle "A Singapore Memoir" is apt, because Prof Jayakumar's story is very much the story of Singapore's challenges since the early years of independence. Typically, Prof Jayakumar does not simply tell a story; his intention is to show why he and indeed all of us have a part to play in keeping the Singapore Story going.

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Can Singapore Survive?
This book poses the question that Singaporeans must wrestle with: can we survive as an independent city-state? Kishore Mahbubani believes that Singaporeans must always ask the question because constant reflection and self-examination should be a part of the core DNA of all Singaporeans. His goal in this book is to create and enhance this culture of reflection among all Singaporeans.

He gives three answers in this book: Yes, No & Maybe.

With these three answers, he attempts to sketch three different scenarios for Singapore’s future. There is logic behind this, as we cannot predict the future. We can, however, prepare for the future by telling stories about what the future could be like.

Besides his substantive Introduction, this book offers some of Kishore’s best essays on Singapore, taken from his Think-Tank and Opinion columns in The Straits Times, as well as contributions to Guardian News, The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, Davos World Economic Forum’s Forum News Daily, and the “Innovations for Successful Societies” Oral History Project of Princeton University.

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Car, Castello & Quill - Experiencing A Biography

Vetern English writer Raymond Flower's annual sabbatical at the Bayview Beach Resort in Penang resulted in a working arrangement with Winston Lim, who was a Public Relations executive at the hotel. While assisting Raymond with "computer-related stuff", Winston discovers a latent talent for spinning a story.

Ostensibly a biography of his mentor, Car, Castello & Quill is also the tale of how a new writer experiences the events that form the idyllic setting of Raymond's personal history. The action switches from England to Egypt to Italy, but always returns to the idyllic tropical resort.

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Celebrating Family: 101 Real-Life Stories on Love And Inspiration

Celebrating Family: 101 Real-Life Stories on Love And Inspiration is a collection of stories, quotes and pictures of people from all walks of life. The real-life stories featured create a tapestry of the colourful nuances of family life in Singapore.

Among the intimate portraits is gamut of experiences, but also universal themes of love, humour, triumph, challenge and sorrow. From examining your role in the family to finding ways to have fun together, the many life lessons woven together in this book will inspire you, make you think or simply bring a smile to your face.

Whoever you are, a working mum or a five-year-old child, a man on the street or a media personality, everyone has a family story to tell. 

What's yours?

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CLOSE WATCH - A Nation's Resolve to Secure Singapore
CLOSE WATCH documents Singapore's efforts in countering the threat of terrorism since the country was stunned by the arrests of several Jemaah Islamiyah members here following the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States.
This book details what goes on behind the scenes as the authorities endeavour to keep the country safe from terrorist attacks. The whole-of-government approach to the threat is augmented by contributions from a cross-section of society, from the private sector to religious organisations and members of the public. Together, their collective vigilance is a testimony to the whole-of-nation effort in keeping our home safe.

Ben Nadarajan has been a journalist with The Straits Times for 10 years and has won several in-house and international awards for his work. He likes writing about crime, security and legal issues, although he has dabbled in science, environmental and foreign affairs stories as well. He grew up wanting to write fiction, but ended up writing non-fiction instead.

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Diplomacy: A Singapore Experience
After more than four decades of independence, Singapore has built up a significant corpus of norms, principles and experiences that form the bedrock of its foreign policy. Many of these milestone events and watershed moments in MFA's history are known only to a handful of ministers and officials. There is a need to always remember the fundamentals of our key foreign policy interests. In Diplomacy: A Singapore Experience, Prof S Jayakumar records his reflections on selected episodes and events where he was involved as Minister or as Permanent Representative to the UN. They illustrate how Singapore created diplomatic and economic space for itself, and its proactive diplomacy in the UN and ASEAN. The author also recounts Singapore's responses to moves by other countries that were inimical to its national interests, resolving disputes in an amicable manner through third party settlement, now an important feature of Singapore's foreign policy. Included are episodes in bilateral relations with Malaysia, Indonesia and China which demonstrate that such relations must be on the basis of equals respecting each other's soverign status, and also in compliance with international law and international agreements.

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