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$how Me the MONEY Book 4 : Ideas and Philosophies to Navigate Life and the Markets

$how Me the MONEY Book 4 : Ideas and Philosophies to Navigate Life and the Markets

$how Me the MONEY Book 4  : Ideas and Philosophies to Navigate Life and the Markets
“Your articles have a good balance of keen analytics, observation and empathy for the failings of human nature.” —LOH CHIN HUA, CEO, Keppel Corp
“Hooi Ling’s column is a must read for fellow CFAs …given her depth and width of financial analysis.” —TAN CHIN HWEE, President, CFA Singapore

$how Me The Money is a series about learning how to grow your money. Teh Hooi Ling brings to both layman and seasoned investor important economic concepts and the investment strategies of the world’s leading financial experts. Using real data, Teh shows how these strategies would have worked in the Singapore market over the years and signposts the lessons to be learnt and pitfalls to avoid.

In $how Me The Money Book 4, the final book in the series, Teh talks about the randomness that accounts for success; the fairness or otherwise of lauding the successful; the natural tendency to share our good fortune with the less fortunate; the impermanence of any condition; and the need to explore the purpose in life in order to make a difference in our approach to it.

Big Ideas: Randomness will have the last word • Not by capitalism alone • Of Black Swans, turkeys and venture capital • Topsy-turvy, unpredictable markets • It is time to pay for good information • A study in relativity • Towards a caring economy • Of growth, greed and sustainability • Version 2.0: A kinder brand of capitalism • An imbalance that’s simply unsustainable • Paying closer attention • A pay packet perspective • When dollars and cents make little sense • No such thing as a sure bet • The case against scale in Wall Street • Putting on a veil of ignorance • What’s the right thing to do? • Where you stand in the arc of skill • Figuring out the purpose of life • Compounding – in life and in investments • The
sad economics of the haze problem

Ideas Worth Spreading: Caring economics as the way forward • Key to business success is fairness • The problem with common wisdom • On autonomy, mastery and purpose • Nudging the wealthy to help the needy • In search of wisdom • Let self-interest give way to compassion • Developing a “giver culture” to make corporates effective

Psychology: A matter of the heart – along with the head • Don’t be afraid to be a contrarian • Beware of those trigger tricks • Know yourself and others around you
• Enriching power of self-affirmation • Be an emotional oracle: trust your feelings
• “Temperament determines a person’s fate”

Financial Crisis – Global and Eurozone: The anatomy of systemic banking crises • Grim scenario for world economy • “Borrowed” good times are over • Reflections on the financial crisis • Some theories to navigate the Greek crisis

Of Pay, Statistics and Retirement: Distortions behind some statistics • Pay attention to executive salary plans • Accurate data will dictate success • Adding value to retirement scheme

Life: Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed • Counting the gifts from the crisis • Musings for the festive season • Taking stock of 2010 • What should I do with my life? • Doing things that you’ve always wanted to • Opening up the mind in Nepal, Harvard • It’s time to say goodbye, but what a ride it has been!
Author Teh Hooi Ling
ISBN 9789814642651
Size 152 x 227 mm
Extent 220
Hardcover / Softcover Softcover
Illustrated or Black & White Illustrated or Black & White
Language English
Our price: US$25.00

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